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From the Disney Land of India
Tipu Sultan

The Journey Of Channapatna Toys

Tippu Sultan, the king of Mysore spellbound by the Beautiful, Vibrant and Durable lacquerware Wooden Toys of Persia given to him as gift, just couldn’t resist the sight of the Toy and went a step further for the craft-form had touched his heart and invited Persian artisans to train the locals of Mysore Presidency in the Craft and thus began the Journey of the Highly famed 18th Century, Channapatna Toys, the lacquerware Wooden Craft.

GiTAGGED Channapatna toys

The Process

Ivory wood, soft yet durable is seasoned for close to 3 months before it makes itself onto the handmade lathe machine.  Here the wood is carved and Smoothened by using Chisels and Sandpaper for obtaining a desired shape and texture. While the wood still rotates on the lathe and remains hot it is lacquered with the natural Organic colored sticks prepared from vegetable dyes.

The skillful Lacquerware craft attracts and appeals to both adults and children alike for its vibrant color, smooth texture, non-toxicity, and Eco-friendliness.

Channapatna To US President’s White House

Of more than 20,000 exhibits at National Handicrafts Museum, Delhi, the one handicraft that caught the attention of the First lady of US, Michelle Obama in 2010 was none other than the Lacquerware Wooden Craft of Channapatna Toys.

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