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Principles of GI Panchayat

1a) Voluntary membership
Voluntary membership signifies “By choice and not by compulsion”, a producer/Artisan shall join the GI Panchayath by his own choice and not by any force.

1b) Open membership
The membership to GI Panchayath is open to all Producers/Artisans irrespective of Language, Religion, Race, Sex, and Caste.

1c) Political and Religious Neutrality
The GI Panchayath shall never act as an instrument for political and religious activities. Though a member may belong to a political or religious group, he must maintain the identity of the GI Panchayath.

1d) Principle of Thrift (Savings)
Every GI Panchayath must inculcate the habit of Savings among its members.
The Principle of Thrift not only signifies the idea of savings but also promotes the idea of avoiding unnecessary expenditure. This is the first step towards self-help.

1e) Principle of Self-help and Mutual aid
All members of GI Panchayath shall believe in the principle “All for One and One for All”, according to which every member should believe that his/her burden is reduced only by addressing to the burden of his fellow members. Self-help and mutual aid is the essence of GI Panchayath.

1f) Promotion of GI Principles
“To place an organization in the hands of people without first educating them will be a tragedy”. Thus every member of GI Panchayath must be inculcated with the principles of GI Panchayath.

GI Panchayat

2a) Constitution
GI Panchayath shall be a body comprising of Agriculture Producers or Artisans of a particular Geographical Location after having registered themselves as members of GI Panchayath.

2b) Executive Officer
Deputy Commissioners and Assistant commissioners of Geographical Indications Tagged world premium product (P) Ltd shall be appointed as the executive officers of the GI Panchayath by the Central office.

2c) Meet of the GI Panchayath
The GI Panchayath must conduct at least one General meeting in every three months and such meet shall be presided by the Assistant commissioners attached to a particular Geographical Location on Rotation Basis, based on Seniority. The outcome of such a meeting shall be in the form of recommendations to the central office for suitable consideration.

2d) Field Visit
The Executive Body comprising of Executive officer will make at least one field visit to meet and discuss with each member of GI Panchayath in every calendar month..


Special Incentive Scheme
3a) A Member of a Particular GI Panchayath upon providing the Panchayath with a Certain Minimum Quantity of GI Produce as fixed by the Central office shall become eligible for a special annual combined Incentive of the Company’s profit earned from that particular GI Tagged product in a given financial year (April-March).
• The special Incentive shall be fixed and distributed equally among all the qualified members of the GI Panchayath.
• In case of Multiple panchayaths established for a particular GI Tagged product then the Special Incentive of 3% shall be shared among the members of the Multiple Panchayath.
• A Member who has not been able to supply the Minimum Quota in a given financial year can compensate the same in the subsequent year and thereafter he becomes eligible for the special combined Incentive. The Additional quantity if any will not be considered for subsequent supplies/balance.
3b) Development Fund
A Special Fund called Development fund of 2% shall be maintained out of the Company’s Annual profit earned from a particular GI Tagged product.
• The development fund maintained to form the profits of a Particular GI Tagged Product shall be used for the Development activities of that particular geographical region only.
Functions of GI Panchayath
4a) Administrative functions:
Preparation of Procurement Plans, Development of new procurement centers, Device
Procurement Price Policies, Maintenance of statistics of GI Tagged products and its producers, Mobilize voluntary individuals during Natural calamities, Publication of Quarterly achievements of GI Panchayat in form of Newsletters.
4b) Developmental Activities:
Sanitation, Irrigation Facilities, Water conservation techniques, Recharge of surface water,
Development of Wastelands, Promotion of Agriculture on modern and scientific lines, Promote Farm Technology, Extension Education, Development of Rural infrastructure
4c) Social Activities:
Promotion of primary education under RTE Act 2009, Rural health, Reduce Indebtedness, Enhance Standard of Living.
Administrative Accountability
5a) Panchayat Working Report (PWR)
Deputy Commissioner / Assistant Commissioner, in charge of a GI Tagged product/Region, shall provide Panchayat working report on the last day of every month to the Central office. This includes the General Functioning, the Progress of the GI Panchayat, the Recommendations of the panchayat, the Administrative decisions taken and the Draft copy of GI Panchayat Quarterly Newsletter.
5b) Conduct & Career Report (CCR)
The Officers of Geographical Indications Tagged World Premium Products (P) Ltd, are mandated to write, Conduct and Career Report (CCR) of fellow Officers once in every Six (6) Months.
• Assistant commissioners of a Particular Geographical region / GI Tagged product shall write CCR of Extension Officers under their supervision.
• Deputy commissioner or in his absence the Assistant Commissioner in charge of a Particular Geographical region / GI Tagged product shall write CCR of the Assistant Commissioners and shall make an assessment report on the CCR of Extension officers.
• Additional Commissioner shall write CCR of Deputy commissioners and shall make an assessment of the Assessment Report of the Deputy Commissioner and shall forward the same to the Commissioner.
• Commissioner shall write CCR of Additional Commissioners and make an assessment of the Assessment report of the Additional Commissioner and shall place the Consolidated CCR before the board for further discussion.
The CCR must be written without having resorted to any bias, favors and favoritism. Any CCR found to be malafide shall be treated as Void and necessary Departmental inquiry will be instigated against such Officer.
5c) Departmental Enquiries
In case of Inability to function, Encourage or Involve in any form of Unethical Practices then such employee will be liable to the Departmental Enquiry and upon justification, such employee shall be relieved from all the duties and functions of the Organization.