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Grown along the coastal brackish waters in the northern parts of Kerala, the Kaipad Rice is known for its Special Organic cultivation technique called as paddy-shrimp cultivation or Kaipad Farming.

Rice cultivation and Shrimp catching is done on the same field that forms the part of the extensive water-logging in the swampy low-lying areas.


Uniqueness of Kaipad Rice

  • Natural organic production Dark Mustard yellow colour.

  • Red kernelled rice.

  • Non-sticky.

  • Delicious taste.

  • High iron and calcium.

  • Distinctive and Naturally occurring characteristics.

Interesting Facts

❖ There are around 217 wetlands in Kerala with unique ecosystems

❖ Approximate area of Kaipad tract is 4100 hectares.

❖ 37 % of rice production in Kerala is contributed by the lowland ecosystems.

❖ Paddy fields are a vital part of Kerala environment and ecological systems. They provide natural drainage paths for flood waters. 

❖ Rice Flakes produced from Kaipad Rice fetches 40 % more price due to imperative nutritional content.

Health Benefits

  • Kaipad Rice is consumed during illness for speedy recovery.

  • Has Iron Content of 59.8mg/kg to 303mg/kg.

  • Soup made of Kaipad rice acts as coolant for the body.

Kaipad rice has been registered with the Geographical Indications (GI) registry of Government of India in 2013.

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