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Cherish the authentic taste of the most acclaimed and Renowned Groceries conferred with prestigious GI Tag Status. GI Tag is a self-testimony of Authenticity, Quality and Distinctiveness in every product.


Appemidi Mango Pickle

Make your Every Meal Memorable

₹ 338 (500 GMS)

Palani Panchamirtham


Made of Five Natural Substances : Banana, Jaggery, Cow Ghee, Honey and Cardamom.
“Dates and Diamond sugar are added for Flavour.

Not even a single drop of Water is added.

₹ 288 (500 GMS)

Note : The Palani Panchamirtham Sold by GiTAGGED is not used by Temple Administration for any Divine Activities. The GI Tag for Palani Panchamirtham is given to the entire Palani town in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu (As per GI Registry).


Gajapati Date Palm Jaggery

The Sweet tale of date palm

A Natural product of Soura Tribes, one of the Oldest known Tribes of India from Eastern Ghats of Gajapati District, Odisha.

₹ 148  (500 GMS)

Neera can be converted into Jaggery, Sweet as honey itself. This Jaggery is superior to cane jaggery, Cane jaggery is sweet but Palm Jaggery is Sweet and Delicious – Mahatma Gandhi

Marayoor Jaggery

Sweetest Cane Jaggery of India

Marayoor, a town in Idukki District of Kerala, situated at 1600 meters (5200 ft.) mean sea level is known to produce one of the Sweetest Sugarcanes in India.

Natural water, Loamy soil & Cool tropical climate is said to contribute towards the sweetness & superiority of sugarcanes grown in the region.

Nuts, Dry Fruits & Snacks

₹ 234  (500 GMS)

The Powerhouse of Nutrients

Period of Origin

₹ 284 – ₹ 335 (200 GMS)

The Symbol of Prosperity

Available in Two Variants : Scented Sweet & Sugar Coated

Period of Origin
Vedic Period

Peanut Candy

Period of Origin

Thamirabarani River water used in the production process enhances the Taste Naturally of the Peanut Candy.

₹ 175 (400 GMS)

100% Handmade Process

Period of Origin

Crispiness & Taste of the Sev is attributed to climate, Water & Geographical features of Ratlam District of Madhya Pradesh


Bengal Gram flour, Clove, Black Pepper, Asafetida, Chilly, Cumin Seed, Salt and Ground nut Oil.

₹ 380 – 720 (200/400 GMS)

A traditional Delicacy of Buddhist Period

Period of Origin
6th Century B.C

Lord Buddha while passing through Silao (6th Century BCE) was offered sweet by the local villagers, upon tasting, Buddha told his disciples that its ‘Kha-Ja’, meaning a Crispy Sweet in Sanskrit, hence the Sweet derived its name, Khaja.


Made of Extremely High quality Murariya Wheat (50%) : Pure Ghee (30%) : Sugar (25%) :Cardamom & aniseeds (2.5%) : Water (2.5%)

Cereals & Pulses


Heirloom Black Rice Of Manipur

₹ 148 (500 GMS)

A Perfect Breakfast Cereal

An impressive antioxidant
Rich In Iron & Fibre
Nutraceutical Rice
For all Day Long Energy


Minimally Rinse the Rice; Cook for an extra whistle;
 Relish with Milk, Jaggery, Fruits and Dry Fruits.


The Rinsed water owes its Purple colour to the powerful natural pigment called “Anthocyanins”, an impressive Antioxidant that can be used as a Natural Drink.

Period of Origin
400 b.c

Cultivated since 1445 A.D., the Gulbarga Tur Dal is Grown in Soil extremely rich in Calcium (Ca) and Potassium (K) attributing to the uniqueness of the Tur Dal when compared to all other varieties grown in different parts of India.

Period of Origin
1445 a.d

₹ 365 (2KG)

Secret Ingredients of Traditional Recipes

new launch in spice category

Kashmir Saffron

100% original & purest saffron

World’s only Saffron grown at an Altitude of 1600m – 1800m (Above mean sea level)

Kashmir Saffron flower

GROWN SINCE 4000 years


Kashmir Saffron
Medicinal Usage
Historical Documented Medicinal Usage of Kashmir Saffron • 13th Century Health Food of Yuan Dynasty. • 16th Century Medicine of the Min Dynasty. • Accepted by First Japanese Pharmacopoeia as Medicine. • Ancient Persian Medicine as Antidepressant and to treat Insomnia. • Used by Vaghbhata and Sushruta as an Important Ayurvedic Ingredient(NAIP Report 2010)
Present Usage :  In Adults :  Relieve from Tension • As Antidepressant • Detoxifying & Antioxidant Spice • Chronic Bronchitis • Lung Diseases • in Cosmetics. In Children : Treating Nervousness • Milk Vomiting • Extensive weeping • Poor Digestion • Indigestion • Improve Learning & Memory

GiTAGGED is Well wisher of You and Your Family, We know the importance of your Health and Wellbeing, hence we aim to provide you with the Best.

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