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The fusion of Art with Jewelry

At GiTAGGED Jewelry store you don’t just own a Jewelry but a piece of the place itself, for it is the true essence of that region delivered to you in its pristine form.

Thewa Art

a Royal patronage cherished for centuries

Thewa is a 16th century traditional Artwork of fusing 23KT Pure Gold Art work onto the colored glass surface without using any glue or pasting materials. A secret technique of heating and cooling is used for fusing Gold onto the Glass surface which is known only to the male Artisans belonging to the Raj Soni clan of Pratapgarh District, Rajasthan.

Bidri Silver Inlay

A pride of Victoria & Albert Museum, London

The uniqueness of the Art work is attributed to the Mysterious Oxidizing property of the Soil found at Bidar fort. Zinc, the Base metal when dipped in this soil turns into sheer Blackware, while pure Silver inlay retails its Original Colour.

Bastar Dhokra

A Craft form of Harappa & Mohenjodaro

Made without the help of any moulds, each product is a Mater Piece in itself which is a significant distinction of Dhokra of Bastar when compared to the Craft form of Other Regions, making the craft unique and an Exclusive Collector Item.  The Threads extracted from the Bee wax are used to create intricate designs on the surface of the Bell Metal 

Channapatna Lacquerware

Natural Organic Colours

Tippu Sultan, then king of Mysore spellbound by the gifted lacquerware Wooden Toy from Persia, invited the Persian artisans to train the locals of Mysore Presidency in the Craft and thus began the Journey of the Highly famed 18th Century, Channapatna craft.

“Unveiling the magic of regional fashion”, A premium collection of Geographical Origin Jewelry that reflects centuries of Oriental craftsmanship and Uniqueness.