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Kamalapur Red Banana

GI Number - 133


Grown along the midst of Hills, Rich Whiff and whisk of High Calories and Vitamin C is a unique nutritious red banana variety popularly known as Kamalapur Red Banana, A fruit of healthy people.

Uniqueness of Kamalapur Red Banana

  • Red rind with a creamy pulp.

  • Bundled with pleasant flavour and delightful taste.

  • Grown in 3-sided Hillock region.

  • Takes 20 months from planting to harvest

  • High Content of TSS (Total Soluble Solids) upto 20-22 Brix.

  •  Disease Resistance Organic Cultivation of Crop.

Interesting Facts

  • Bananas are the world’s No.4 dietary staple after rice, wheat and corn.

  • Banana is the most produced fruit of India.

  • Red bananas are native to India and Southeast Asia.

  • Red bananas are helpful in dealing with after effects of smoking cessation.

  • Local Medicine for Typhoid Patients.

Health Benefits

  • Great Source of Fiber.

  • Rich in Potassium, helping in preventing Kidney Stone formation 

  • Strengthens Immune system and metabolism.

  • Instant Boost of Energy.

  • Red Bananas improve Blood.

  • Hydrates Skin and prevents drying and peeling off.