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Malabar Black Pepper – Essential Among Indian Spices

Malabar Black Pepper (Black Gold)

“Malabar Black Pepper” is an indigenous spice of the Malabar Region in the Indian State of Kerala. The pepper has a special quality based upon the unique agro-climatic condition of the said geographical indication. The said GI Tag (geographical indication) identifies and indicates the pepper produced in the Malabar Region of Kerala State.


  • Malabar Pepper has a sharp, hot, and biting taste.
  • It is a warming spice.
  • Its aroma is sweet and spicy.
  • Its flavor is rich and bold.
  • Malabar Pepper is highly aromatic, with a distinctive, fruity bouquet.
  • It is one of the oldest and most important spices in the world. So important that in ancient times it was used to pay taxes.
  • India has always reigned supreme in the production of this most exotic and sought after spice.
  • The Malabar Pepper of Kerala provides a quarter of the world’s supply of Pepper. Tellicherry Pepper from Malabar region is considered the most complex, balanced, and elegant of the black peppers. 
  • It is actually a special type of pepper which has been allowed to ripen completely so that it develops more flavor, sugar, and size. Malabar has always been considered to produce the best pepper.
  • Malabar Black Pepper has a perfect combination of flavor and aroma.

Geographical Area of Production:

The “Malabar Pepper” has its origin in the Malabar region in the Indian State of Kerala.

Uses and Medicinal Benefits:

  • Pepper finds a place as a medicine in Charaka Samhita.
  • Sanskrit authors describe black pepper as acrid, pungent, hot dry, carminative, and useful in intermittent fever, hemorrhoids, and dyspepsia.
  • In modern Indian medicine, pepper is employed as an aromatic stimulant in cholera, weakness following fevers, vertigo, and as a stomachache in dyspepsia and flatulence.
  • Used in Ayurvedic medicine to stimulate the digestive system.
  • Used for treatment of nausea, lack of appetite and other dyspeptic complaints.
  • Helpful in improving the memory and helping to fight cognitive malfunction.
  • As a gargle it is valued for relaxing uvula, paralysis of the tongue.
  • It will correct flatulence and nausea.
  • It has also been used in vertigo, paralytic, and arthritic disorders.
  • It is sometimes added to quinine when the stomach will not respond to quinine alone.
  • It has also been advised in diarrhoea, cholera, scarlatina, and in solution for a wash for tinea capititis.
  • It is good for constipation, also on the urinary organs.

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