Naga Mirchi

GI Number –109


Nagaland, One of India’s smallest State is a home to the Notorious Spice, the legendary Naga Mirchi (Naga Chilli), commonly known as the Ghost Chilli (Bhut Jolokia Mirchi). Naga Chilli is the World’s Hottest Chilli ever found on this earth.

Uniqueness of Naga Mircha

  • 110 times hotter than the Hottest Guntur Chilli.

  • 400 times hotter than the mildest Chili’s.

  • Finely Wrinkled Skin with thin flesh.

  • Fruity Aroma and distinctive Pungency.

  • Exquisite Unique Taste.

Interesting Facts of Naga Mircha

  • Why the Name, “Bhut Jolokia” or Ghost Chilli”? Naga Chilli is so hot that when you eat it, you wish you were dead and had become a ghost for no mortal can withstand its heat for up to 30 minutes before subsiding.

  • Guinness World Records –World’s hottest chilli pepper, 2007.

  • Chilli Grenades –Naga Chilli was used as chilli grenades to immobilize terrorists and other criminal suspects.

  • Pest Repellent –Ghost Chilli smothered on fences and walls even ward off elephants.

Health Benefits of Naga Mircha

  • Ghost Chilli, the hottest chilli on the earth when consumed in very small quantity.

  • Instantly clears Blocked Nose and Mucus Membrane in the stomach and in respiratory passages.

  • Stimulate appetite.

  • Helps to clear lungs.

Naga Mircha has been registered with the Geographical Indications (GI) registry of Government of India in 2008.

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