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The reputed Ghazhipur Jute Wall-hanging Craft originated in the Devkali block and Saidpur of Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh and after that spread in the surrounding districts.

The Ghazipur Wall Hanging is completely handmade and is a blend of jute yarn and other yarns of different colors and strength. The pattern used for the motif is traditional and modern both motifs of flower, plants, nature, god, and goddess, etc. The modern trend like a dancing girl, moods, etc is also commonly used.

The making of wall hangings involves extensive steps starting with the bleaching of the base yarn which is jute (biodegradable, non-toxic & environmentally friendly), followed by the traditional method of dyeing and weaving of the yarn to achieve the desired patterns. Weaving is done using pit-looms. If required, the craft is supplemented with embroidery and patchwork depending on the creativity of the Artisan. Beets are fixed on either end of the wall hanging to ensure the craft is steady and stable

The Ghazipur Wall Hanging is one of the unique Handicraft products, transformed from the vibrant fusion of golden fiber jute yarn & fabric. Proper display of wall hanging crafts can certainly change the decor of your drawing room, offices, commercial-hall, hotel-room, meeting hall, etc.

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