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Ilkal Traditional Handloom Sarees

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Ilkal Traditional Sarees

The Craft started in the 8th century AD. known for its durability and comfortness as compared to other types of sarees because of the fine quality yarns used, with the best tensile strength to withstand the traditional pit loom weaving technique.

Produced mainly on pit looms with a combination of three types of different yarns – Cotton x Art Silk, Cotton x Silk, Silk x Silk.

Woven using Cotton Warp on the body and art silk warp for border and art silk warp for pallav portion of the saree. Pure silk is also used based on the requirement.

The Peculiar characteristics of Ilkal Handloom Sarees are joining the body warp with pallav warp. Which is locally called as TOPI TENI. This Technique is exclusively used for Ilkal Sarees Production.

Border Designs – Border designs are mainly three types.

  1. Gomi (More popularly known as Ilkal Dadi)
  2. Paraspet 
  3. Gaadi 

Main Body Design –  

  • Stripes, Rectangles, Squares 
  • No buttis, Designs or any Special Features 

The Craft is Traditionally made on pit looms Taking up to 3 days to produce Ilkal Saree of 8 meters length.

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