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Bagru Print


The Bagru Print has a specific appearance due to a wide range of well proportionate floral motifs. Bagru Hand Block Prints are essential of fast colors. The base color is off-white. Motifs of Bagru Hand Block Printing are one or more of But is, Butas, Jhar or Border. All Bagru Textiles have a variety of designs and colors beautifully aligned on the same piece of cloth. Bagru Hand Block Printed Textile impart flavor old paintings corresponding to stylized Sun Flower, Narcissuses, Roses and other local flowers with luxuriant leaves. Traditional motifs of Bagru Block Printing
are one of the following five groups: –
(i) Motifs of Flowers, Leaves, and Buds
(ii) Motifs of Intertwisted Tendrils
(iii) Motifs of Trellis Designs
(iv) Motifs of Figurative Designs
(v) Motifs of Geometrical Designs

Name of Geographical Indication: 

Description of the Goods: 

Bagru Prints are mostly on Cotton and sometimes on cotton x silk. A wide range of Made-ups, Home furnishings, and Garments are produced from Bagru Print Fabric. All Bagru Prints display an extensive variety of Butis and Butas with a variety of colors, traditional shades of colors and designs created by skilled Chhipas (a community of people with ancestral roots tracing back to India) possessing expertise of preparing color mixtures using desired ingredients in specific ratios. Colors used for Bagru Hand Block Print are mostly vegetable dyes (natural colors). The creation of a rich and wide range of print designs is a result of careful stamping by wooden blocks.

Proofs of Origin: 

Bagru town is the main production center of Bagru Print. Name Bagru is derived from Bagora, the name of an island in a lake where the city was originally built and is famous for its palm fans and Chints. Bagru, an early 16th Century town near Jaipur, developed into a flourishing Textile production Center and was at its peak in the 19th century. Even today large numbers of Industrial units (Micro and Medium level) are producing Bagru Hand Block Prints for local as well as the export market.


– The ground color of Bagru Hand Block Textile is mostly off-white (cream).
– Colors and designs on Bagru Hand Block Print enable identification of the user community. (Colors and designs are specific for Jat, Meena, Rajput, Mali communities).
– Traditional methods of color preparation, dyeing and printing are essentially deployed for production of Bagru Sarees and Bagru Fabric.
– Traditional Bagru Hand Block Prints are of two colors viz. Red and Black.
The black color of Bagru Prints imparts reddish tinge.
– Motifs of Bagru Print Saree and Fabric are small in size and can be one or two of the following five groups: –

(i) Motifs of Flowers, Leaves, and Buds

(ii) Motifs of Intertwisted Tendrils

(iii) Motifs of Trellis Designs

(iv) Motifs of Figurative Designs

(v) Motifs of Geometrical Designs

– “Dabu” (Resist) paste used at Bagru is made out of locally available black
clay soil.
– Normally vegetable dyes are used for the production of Bagru Hand Block Print.
– Motifs and Designs on Bagru Print Saree and Fabrics are obtained by stamping Wooden Hand Blocks.
– Bagru Print Saree and Fabric have a softer tone and aesthetic appeal.
– The designs on Bagru Print Saree and Fabric are usually repetitive.
– The skill for the production of Bagru Hand Block Print is confined to a
community known as Chhipas of Bagru.
– Climatic conditions at Bagru are ideal for the production of Bagru Hand Block Prints. Locally available water has excellent properties, ideal for dyeing and printing.
– Bagru Prints are produced only in a limited Geographical area i.e. Bagru
Kaladera, Jahota, and Jairampura.
– Bagru Hand Block Print Textile production is more than 300 years old.

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