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Pochampally Ikat Stoles

The Traditional Pochampally Ikat Stoles are originally made upon Cotton, Silk or Cotton x Silk

Pochampally Ikat or resist dyeing, Involves the sequence of tying (or wrapping) and dying sections of bundled yarn to a predetermined color scheme prior to weaving. Thus the dye penetrates into the exposed section, while the section remains un-dyed. The patterns formed by this process on the yarn are then woven into the fabric.

“Pochampally Ikat” visually identified by the “Chowkra Design” Which is a diamond with Square, or its derivatives having diffused edges.

Three Basic forms of Pochampally ikat Stoles are

  1. Single Ikat – Either Warp or Weft threads are tied and dyed prior to weaving
  2. Combined Ikat – Where Warp and Weft ikat may co-exist and occasionally overlap
  3. Double Ikat – The most complex form of ikat, where warp and weft  are tied with such precision, that when the woven threads form both axis, mesh exactly at certain points to form complete motif or pattern   

Traditional Motifs or Pattern of Pochampally Ikat are Diamond with Square

Fact :- The Double Ikat method of weaving can take up to 100-120 days by skilled craftsmen

The craft is utilized widely for all Men and Women Clothing & also for wall decoratives, upholstery, mats, carpets, table, rugs and bed linens,  

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