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Kullu Shawls 

With Existence of over 200 years, Kullu Shawls are named after the Kullu Valley, the place of origin in Himachal Pradesh, Kullu Town has a rich heritage and the references of Kullu shawls are found in many historical books. In ancient times Kullu was known as Kulant Peeth – Meaning end of Habitable world. 

Kullu Shawls are well known for its unique texture, yarn & typical traditional design patterns. The fabric is made on Handloom with yarn on which value addition is done by inserting threads during weaving by hand to develop geometric/floral motifs in such a manner that both sides of the fabrics give the same look.

The yarn used to manufacture the shawl is either mill spun or spun by traditional methods & fabricated on Khaddis [Traditional Handlooms]

The kind of wool used to manufacture the shawls are Local wool, Merino wool, Angora, Pashmina, Cotton & Yak Wool.

Traditional Motifs of Kullu fabrics are Phul, Guddi, Tipu, Tara, Chiri, Sada kiru, Dabbidar kiru, Mandir, Bulbul chashm, Chabi, Laheriya, Gulab, Sirihri, Danedar,

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