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Mangalagiri Sarees and Fabrics

Mangalsgiri Sarees and Fabrics are characterized by,
– Pure, Sturdy, and Durable Cotton Material.
– No weave designs on the body of the fabric.
– Nizam border in sarees and chudidhar material which is peculiar only to the Mangalagiri region.
– Material is woven only on pit-loom.
– No gaps on the weave in the edge of the material which is again peculiar to this fabric.
– Only manufactured in the Mangalagiri region.

Mangalagiri Sarees and fabrics are made of pure cotton fabric. The material is durable and produced in the Mangalagiri region near the Guntur region of Andhra Pradesh.

The Nizam Border characteristic of Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees, which is now an essential part of the chudidhar material and dupattas, is finely woven from pure zari, especially procured from Surat, in Gujarat. This border has intricate inverted checks with minute dots in between. The fabric is made in resplendent colors and also in vibrant short colors-combination of two or more colors which gives a special shine to the material.
These features make Mangalagiri unique and outstanding. Durability and softness are the hallmarks of Mangalagiri fabrics.

Mangalagiri sarees are also known traditionally for fine checks on the body which is made by arranging the required colors on the beam and woven by counting the number of threads before adding the other color to create the check design on the material. The checked Mangalagiri material is in two tones. Eg. Yellow with red checks and red border. white with black checks and black border.

The Mangalagiri Sarees and Fabrics are characterized by a lack of woven designs on the body and Zari borders. The Nizam border is the most characteristic kind of border which is the hallmark of Mangalagiri Handlooms. Though, more recently, other kinds of borders like the swan, or Ramban(or knife designs) or Khaddi borders are also very popular. These designs are woven by the pure skill of the weaver on the border which is why the pit loom is of great help to them to apply force.

The Mangalagiri Saree, however, acquired its fame from its Nizam border which has tiny inverted checks with dots in between. This Mangalgiri Saree with Nizam Border makes the saree stand out from other sarees.

Proof of Origin:
Mangalagiri was always known as a pilgrim center. Local legends speak of a millennium-old tradition in this region. It is said that pilgrims were expected to offer their respects to Lord Panakala Narasimha on the hilltop, and then buy a saree from a local weaver before leaving the place. This clearly emphasized the patronage and impetus given to the weaving industry even as part of the tradition.

Since Mangalagiri sarees do not have any woven designs on the body, the Zari is used only for the border. It is very significant to note that Mangalagiri Cotton Fabrics are woven only on pit looms.

Mangalagiri Cotton Fabric have their origin in Mangalagiri Sarees for over 500 years. However, these sarees are very popular for their characteristic Nizam border, which is about 2 inches in thickness, with geometric designs.

Mangalagiri material is exclusively made of 80S X 80 S thickness of cotton. It is known to be durable, elegant and inexpensive. Furthermore, they are also all-purpose materials that look classy and elegant.

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