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Punjab Phulkari Dupatta

“PHULKARI” means “flower working” or “flower embroidery”. The art form originated in punjab as early as 15th century.

Invariably embroidered on dyed khaddar, The most favored color for the base cloth is “Red” and its various other shades.

It’s a traditional embroidery work with intricate & Original Geometric or Floral designs and patterns balanced to composition, pleasing & harmonious color combinations. It has more than 23 patterns of embroidery

The Authentic Phulkari have stitches which are even, regular and smooth which is reflected at the back of the phulkari. Only faint and smooth lines of very small dots at regular intervals will be formed on the reverse of the cloth where phulkari is done.

There are two major types of Phulkari

  1. Ordinary Phulkari – Embroidery covering only few portions of the cloth.
  2. Bagh Phulkari –  Embroidery covering the whole portion of the cloth 
  3. Other types include – Ghunghat Bagh, Bawan Bagh, Darshan Dwar, Suber, Chamba, Surajmukhi, Mor or Tol Bahg,  Mirchi Bagh, Satrang, Ikka, Belan and Paratha, Ashrafi Bagh, Cowrie Bagh, Dariya, Sheesha, Sheeshadhar Phulkari, Nilak Phulkari, and many more… 

Phulkari is distinguished from any other form of embroidery with the extensive use of long and short darn stitches over systematically counted strands of thread on the cloth. The embroidery is done from the back side of the cloth.

Phulkari work is done on Salwar kameezes, Duppattas, Pillow Covers, Cushions, Jackets, Caps, Bed covers etc.  

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