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Pochampally Ikat Sarees

– Pochampally Sarees are made of natural fiber. For example cotton or silk, or a mixture of both
– The thread/yarn is tied and dyed in different colors according to a predetermined pattern or design.
– Dyed thread/yarn is used for weaving Ikkat Sarees.
– In weft ikat or warp ikat or both, also known as double ikat

Pochampally Ikat visually identified by the ‘chowkra’ design which is a diamond within a square, or its derivatives, having diffused edges.

Three Basic forms of Pochampally Ikat are,

Single Ikat – Either Warp or Weft threads are tied and dyed before weaving.
Combined Ikat – Where Warp and Weft ikat may co-exist and occasionally overlap.
Double Ikat – The most complex form of ikat, where warp and weft are tied with such precision, that when the woven threads form both axes, mesh exactly at certain points to form complete motif or pattern.


– The design, which is usually a diamond within a square (chowkra) or derivatives of it, are evocative of Pochampally Handloom.
– The diffused edges of the design of Ikkat Cotton Sarees.

The Pochampally Ikat Products like Sarees, Dupattas, and Stoles are handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans who are gifted with critical skills in complex designs, having decades of experience in their respective fields. In some instances, these masterpieces can take up to one hundred and twenty days to take the final shape, to the satisfaction of craftsmen.

The sequence of Tying and dyeing of Cotton threads as per the design visualized on a graph sheet prior to the weaving of the fabric is unique to Pochampally Ikat.

The careful unwrapping of dyed yarns, placing the yarns into the reeds in the correct order as per design elements, monitoring each throw of the fly shuttle to ensure precise design intersection of warp and weft makes Pochampally Ikat an aristocrat among Handloom fabrics.

Along with the traditional diamond, parrot, elephant, and flower motifs, the Ikat Sarees designers these days are developing new and modern designs to go with the current trends of the market.

How to identify a Pochampally Ikat Saree?

– To identify Pochampally Ikat Saree, first, look at its texture. Pochampally is smoother than the other ikat fabrics and isn’t quite as heavy.

– The geometric design on Pochampally Saree is also a notable feature.


– The best route to take is dry cleaning, but if you are forced to wash the saree at home, for the first three times, soak the saree in cold water and avoid using detergent.

– Make sure to use a mild detergent and keep the saree neatly folded, in a saree bag.

– It is recommended to change the saree fold once in a month to avoid permanent creases.

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