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Sanganeri Print

Description of the Goods:
Sanganeri Print Textiles are mostly on cotton cloths and sometimes on cotton x silk. A broad array of Made-ups, Home Furnishings and Garments are produced by Sanganeri Print Fabric. All Sanganeri Hand Block Printings so produced a display of a large variety of Butis and Butas whereas dyeing shows a variety of natural colors. It has various traditional shades of colors and designs created by the skilled Chhipas (Community of people with ancestral roots tracing back to India) who only have the skills of preparing a color mixture using appropriate components in specific ratios. Colour preparation and printing is a very much skilled job. The creation of a bright and wide range of print designs consists of stamping by Handmade wooden blocks. Turners locally named as Kharadiyes hold the skill of producing appropriate blocks using dried wood of plants like “shisham”, “gurjan”, “mango”, “teak” and “ardu”. Hence, it is the skill of Chhipas and Kharadiyes that leads to the production of well known Sanganeri Hand Blook Printing.

Sanganeri Print Sarees:
Sanganeri Print Sarees are diversely dyed and printed cotton, or silk, or cotton x silk fabric. Special features of these Sarees are:
– Sanganeri Sarees are printed completely by hand blocks.
– These sarees have mainly red and black as two main colors with a multiple of shades – yellow, brown, indigo, blue, green, etc.
– These have Sombre colors and fine-lined designs. Designs usually represent a variety of flowers e.g. motifs based on Lotus, Iris, Rose, Poppy, Water Lily, Narcissus, Marigold, Sunflower, Chinese rose, Chrysanthemum, Champa, etc.
– Sarees usually have motifs consisting of flowers, buds, and leaves composed in the form of a mango, betel leaf, dagger and Jhumka (earring).

Sanganeri Print Salwar Suit and Dupattas:
Sanganeri Print Salwar Suits with Dupattas are primarily women wear in which printed cotton cloth diversely colored and sometimes value added by silver or gold work on sleeves and neck-line.

Home Furnishing:
Various Home Furnishing items are produced using Sanganeri Hand Block Printed cotton cloth. The print and color combination differs significantly depending on their end-use. Common Home Furnishing items are Sanganeri Print Bedsheets, Pillow cover, Quilts, Table Cover, Cushion Cover, Bolster Cover, Curtains, Table Mats, Napkins, Oven Gloves, Tea Cozy, etc.

– The base color of Sanganeri Hand Block Printing is white.
– Sangaperi Hand Block Printings are recognized for a special appearance and a wide range of elegant floral sprays.
– The print design is likewise brilliantly seen on the underside of the cloth.
– Sanganeri Hand Block Printing is by using a Stamp or Wooden Blocks and no other device.
– The Designs on the Sanganeri Hand Block Printing inevitably are repetitive in nature.
– Sanganeri Hand Block Printed products normally have one or more colors. These may overlap or circumscribe by others.
– Motifs on Sanganeri Hand Block Prints can be of (a) Flowers, Leaves, and Buds (b) Intertwisted tendrils (c) Figurative designs (d) Geometric designs.
– More than a hundred Traditional Designs are used for the production of Sanganeri Hand Block Printing.
– The production of Salganeri Hand Block Printing requires a high level of determination and coordination of the eyes and hands of the artisans.
– Sanganeri Hand Block Printing has a softer tone and elegant appeal.
– The Motifs are usually based on natural forms and mostly of flowers, petals, fruits, or leaves.

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