Sanganeri Handblock Print

Sanganeri Handblock Print

Sanganeri hand block printing exhibits sophistication adorning with delicate floral motifs. The craft, which was once patronized by the then rulers of Amer and Jaipur has become one of the finest creations in current days. It is practiced by the Chippa community, who transfer well designed lyrical motifs creating dupattas, dress materials, soft furnishing, upholstery, quilts and much more.

The Sun Bleaching Process of Using Cow Dung & Water Is Unique to Sanganeri Hand Block Printing.

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Sanganeri Hand Block Print

The Sanganer hand block prints which was once patronized by the rulers of Amer and Jaipur is known for creation of finest lyrical motifs on fabries exhibiting sophistication.

The Sun bleaching process of using cow dung and water to enhance the vividity of the delicate floral motifs is unique to sanganer.