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Sanganeri Hand Block Printed Running Material

The Traditional Hand Block Printed Sanganer Running Material is originally made upon Cotton.

All the Sanganeri Hand Block Prints display an extensive variety of Butis and Butas. whereas dyeing shows a variety of natural colors Traditional shades of colors and designs created by skilled chippa community people. The Creation of a rich and wide range of print designs lies in stamping by Hand made wooden blocks made of dried woods of plants like “Shisham”, “Gurjan”, “Ardu”, “Mango”, “Teak”.

Sanganeri Hand Block Printed Running Material has mainly red & black as two main colors with multiples of shades-yellow, brown, indigo, blue, green, etc.

The Base color of the fabric is white with motif prints of one or more of butis, butas, flowers, buds, leaves composed in the form of a mango, betel leaf, dagger, Jhumka’s.

Production of Sanganeri hand block printed Running material still continues to adopt 12 Intricate Steps of  Production like Preparation of dye mixtures, Pre & post-treatment of cloth for printing & finishing.

Traditional Motifs of Sanganeri Dabu are of one of the five following 1) Flowers, Leaves & buds 2) Creepers 3) Fruits 4) Leaves 5) Ornamental

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