Andhra Pradesh Leather Puppetry

Andhra Leather Puppetry

The Intricate process starts with outlining of a drawing on the Goat leather by using a pencil or a charcoal. The Craftsman then creates a beautiful pattern of etches along the outlines by using chisels of different shapes and sizes. Finally an artist fills vibrant colors to the artwork bringing the puppets to life.

The Leather Puppets signifies the splendid cultural and traditional history of Andhra Pradesh during the rule of the Great Vijayanagar Empire.

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Patronized by the Rulers of Vijayanagara Kingdom

Art-forms confined in a piece of Leather, each narrating a story of its own. These beautifully Handcrafted art is one of its kind as they have multiple daytime views, With Light and Without Light

You might have seen the Play of Puppetry but have you Imagined them adorning your walls in the form of Wall painting, Lampshades, Wall Frames, and Wall Hangings. The moment the Light enters these Leather Puppets, the etches give out a diamond effect and the illuminating colors bring life back into the Puppets.