Nanjangud Banana


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Shri Raju, one of the few farmers found in the region who still continue to grow the world famous Nanjangud Banana out of sheer passion and love for the Fruit.
Many constrains like, high Investment, frequent failure of Crop has made the fruit almost extinct. However, Mr.Raju has been firm to protect the Nanjangud Banana variety for not only the present but for the future generations as well.


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If you haven’t tasted Nanjangud Banana then you have never tasted a banana in the first place. The World-Famous Banana Variety known as Nanjangud Rasabale has tickled the taste buds of people for centuries and is now grown only by few hobbyist farmers and sought mostly by the elite for its rarity and price.

Nanjangud Rasabale Uniqueness

• Known for its Sweetness and Flavor

• Medium size and gall formation in the pulp

• Red freckles on Skin when ripe

• Distinct aroma when ripens fully

• Long shelf life (14 days once it starts ripening)

A test of Authenticity
Nanjangud Banana unique taste and aroma is attributed to the black clay alluvial saline soil of the region and if grown in other places, the banana will develop hard lump and lose its aroma.

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Geographical Region

Nanjangud Taluk, Mysore District

GI Status Awarded

2006 – 2007

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