Solapur Pomegranate

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Inspired by the traditional method of organic cultivation, Shri Jalinder, a marginal farmer with his persistence has been successful in efficient management of Natural resources which has resulted in the best variety of Solapur Pomegranates. Cultivation of this hardy fruit in the desiccate and local steppe climate is a successful story of Jalinder.

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Pomegranate is acclaimed as the “Healing fruit” for its ability to curve over 100 diseases. Solapur Pomegranate is of superior quality to those grown in Spain and Iran and have been gaining attention at both Domestic and International markets.

Solapur Pomegranate Uniqueness

• Soft and small seeds.

• Bold and Juicy Arils (juicy cover around the seed).

• High number of Arils per fruit.

• High TSS value indicating higher sweetness and flavour

• Superior quality to those grown in Spain and Iran.

• Attractive colour, Smooth and glossy outer rind.

• Long shelf life.

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Geographical Region

Sangola Taluk, Solapur District

GI Status Awarded

2016 – 2017