GiTAGGED® Indi Lemon Squash – 500 ML

 172 incl. GST

GiTAGGED® Indi Lemon Squash - 500 ML  172 incl. GST


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From the Land of Five Rivers
Indi, is a Rare variety of Kagzi Lemon exclusive to Vijayapura district of Karnataka. Loamy Black soil with optimum moisture holding capacity & Ideal temperature of 25-42°C attributes to the Uniqueness of the Lemon.

Indi Lemon Uniqueness

  • High Juice Content.
  • Thin Peel.
  • Unique Flavour.
  • Characteristic Aroma.
  • Refreshing Taste.

Usage Instruction : For every One part of Indi Lemon Squash, add 3 Parts of Water.

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Indi Lemon Squash

The Place

Vijayapura, previously referred as Bijapur is the land of five rivers, Bhima, Krishna, Doni, Ghataprabha and Malaprabha. The City was Mala Prabha established in 10th and 11th centuries by the Chalukyas of Kalyani. The city is well known for its historical monuments of architectural importance built during the rule of the Adil Shahi dynasty such as the world famous, brilliantly architectured Gol Gumbaz.

Indi Lemon Squash

Locals say that Indi’s Kagzi lime derives its name from Kannada Word Kaagaja which means paper, as the indi Nimbe rind is as thin as paper. The specialty and uniqueness of Indi lemon (Indi Nimbe) is due to the local soil & climate conditions of the Region.

Lemon is considered as a sacred fruit, since ages. Lemon has been used in Ayurvedic medicines, home remedies and day-to-day culinary uses for its potent health benefits and unique taste and flavour. The district of Vijayapura is blessed with the rich water Sources, deep Black soil, Red sandy soil and Mixed soil & Semi-arid climatic conditions.

Lemon the Sacred Fruit

The history of lemon dates back to the Vedic era, when a powerful Asura (demon) known as NimbAsura led to mass destruction and caused famine. The mighty Asura was very powerful as he had boons from Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. Disturbed with the cruel deeds of the Asura, Rishi Agasthya performed rituals and did great penance to save the earth from the destruction caused by the Asura, the sage prayed to the Goddess Shakti to end the brutality of the demon. Pleased by the sage, Goddess Shakti killed Nimbasura and blessed the earth with vegetation and this is why the deity is worshiped as Shakhambari Devi.

Right before the death of Nimbasura, the demon realized his mistakes and saw the divine power of Goddess Shakhambari Devi and pleaded to her to bless him with a place in her holy feet. The Goddess gave Nimbasura a boon that he will always be adored in the form of a fruit ‘Nimbu Phala’ and since then lemon has been an essential part of Hindu rituals.

In fact, as per popular beliefs, the origin of this incident is in Badami, Karnataka, where Goddess Shakambari took the avatar and this is also the place where the deity is worshiped with a garland of lemons after wish fulfillment.

Additional information

Geographical Region

Indi, Vijayapura district, Karnataka.

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