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GiTAGGED® Solapur Terry Towel (Sparker Pink)
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GiTAGGED® Solapur Terry Towel (Sparker Pink)

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1 review for GiTAGGED® Solapur Terry Towel (Sparker Pink)

    GiTAGGED® Solapur Terry Towel (Sparker Pink) photo review
    Rahul PS
    The towel is of very good quality. Getting dry in less time. A very soft one.
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Terry Towel

Manufactured in the Solapur district of Maharashtra State, India, these knitted terry towel are known for its unique designs. Made from cotton yarn, this merchandise is apt for a post shower.  The soft fabric pampers your skin and makes it dry rapidly. A must buy as a bath linen. They are available in distinct patterns and colours.

Additional information

Country of Origin


Period of Origin

19th Century (Approx)

Geographical Region

Solapur, Maharashtra

G.I. No


GI Status Awarded


Manufactured By

Pulguam Textiles, Chief Manufacturer, GI Panchayat Solapur


100% Cotton


• Final Procurement Cost  – ₹ 213

• Profit Margin on the Product – ₹ 37

• Profit Sharing Ratio – Organization (70%) : Chief craftsmen (25%) : Regional Development Fund (5%)

• Payment Gateway Charges – 2.5%

• Taxes (GST) – 12%

To Chief weaver,
GI Panchayat, Solapur
Inbound logistics, Field visits,
Operational Cost, Marketing
& Branding
Courier Bag.
Printing (Snippet, Labels
& Certificate)
₹ 185₹ 28₹ 25