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Solapur Pomegranate

GI Number – 502


Pomegranate is acclaimed as the “Healing fruit” for its ability to curve over 100 diseases. Solapur Pomegranate is of superior quality to those grown in Spain and Iran and have been gaining attention at both Domestic and International markets.

Uniqueness of Solapur Pomegranate

  • Soft, Bold and Juicy Arils (juicy cover around the seed).

  • High number of Arils per fruit.

  • High TSS value indicating higher sweetness and flavour.

  • Superior quality to those grown in Spain and Iran.

  • Attractive colour, Smooth and glossy outer rind. 

  • Long shelf life.

Interesting Facts

  • Known as the fruits of Gods in Greek mythology.

  • Only fruit available throughout the year.

  • Is best enjoyed when served as dessert fruit.

  • Wine prepared from the fruit juice is more superior to Grape Wine.

Health Benefits

  • Is a “Super Food” known for its medicinal and Therapeutic Properties. “Sou Bimar Ek Anar”, meaning, one fruit is sufficient to cure 100 diseases. • A powerful antioxidant three times that of Green Tea.

  • Enhances Micro cell life in the Body.

  • For Stomach related Problems: Stomachaches, inflammation and for Tapeworms.