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Waigaon Turmeric – From The Turmeric Village Waigaon

Waigoan Turmeric

Waigaon Turmeric is a traditional crop in Samudrapur tehsil of Wardha district. Use of this turmeric for wound healing, curing cough, cold and in many other diseases is traditionally known in this area. This is a unique variety which matures in short period and grown under rainfed condition.

Approximately 80% of the farmers from Waigaon village cultivate turmeric since generations. The color of Waigaon turmeric is a dark mustard yellow as compared to other turmeric varieties.

Key Factors of Cultivation of the Waigaon Turmeric

Turmeric farming is completely organic. In overall cultivation period and processing of turmeric no chemicals and pesticides are used. The total cultivation and processing period of turmeric is near about 8 months.

Cultivation of turmeric starts after ‘Akshaytrutiya’s festival. If irrigation facilities are available the planting of rhizomes is possible at the time of ‘Akshaytrutiya’. However, most of the farmers do planting at the monsoon to take advantage of the rainfall.

Seed Material

Whole or split mother rhizomes are used for planting. Farmers generally select well-developed, healthy and disease free rhizomes from previous production.

Water Management

‘Wardha’ river is flowing near to Waigaon. Canals are used for water supply in this turmeric belt. The yield of turmeric mainly depends upon rainfall from June to September. In the month of October and November plants can be irrigated by river water or by canal water with sprinkling irrigation if post monsoon rains are not received.

Geographical Area of Production:

Waigaon variety of turmeric is cultivated in Samudrapur tehsil more prominently in Waigaon village, Maharashtra. The black soil of Waigaon is suitable for turmeric cultivation.Additionally, 10 feet deep black soil available layer helps in water retention in soil. Black soil from Waigaon is alkaline in nature having pH more than 86 and it contains high organic carbon.

Uniqueness Of Waigaon Turmeric

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  • The texture of this turmeric powder is very soft.
  • Aroma of this turmeric is very pungent, still attractive.
  • The high Curcumin content is the key ingredient that lends Waigaon Turmeric its distinctive yellowness. The higher its percentage, the deeper is the yellow color. Waigaon Turmeric has 6.12% Curcumin content.
  • Waigaon Turmeric had a special standing for its aroma and the Curcumin content.
  • It is completely organic farming. The Quality of Waigaon Turmeric and its medicinal value is maintained due to organic farming since no chemicals and pesticides are used.
  • Very little quantity of powder is sufficient for increasing the color of food items.
  • Durability of turmeric powder is more.
  • The Waigaon variety matures in just 180 days, earlier than other varieties.

Use Of Waigaon Turmeric

  • Turmeric powder and even fingers are used in marriage ceremonies, religious ceremonies.
  • People of ancient India believed that turmeric gives the energy of the Divine Mother and helps to grant prosperity. 
  • It is effective for cleansing the Chakras (energy centers in the body) purifying the channels of the subtle body.
  • Turmeric has a traditional importance. Its paste is applied to forehead (third eye Chakra) during Puja (devotional ceremony) and wedding.
  • Turmeric powder is used as an essential spice in food preparation as an ingredient. It is used in curries and other food to improve storage conditions, palatability and preservation. It helps – in enriching food color.
  • Turmeric powder prepared from dry turmeric old mother sets are used in preparing “Kumkum” (red turmeric powder used for making the distinctive Hindu mark on the forehead) which is non allergic. It is also used in ‘Ashtgandh.’
  • Traditionally, turmeric is also used to dye the marriage clothes. It was believed that any clothing dyed with turmeric was protection from fever.
  • Turmeric color extract can be used as an organic food color.
  • Turmeric fingers are used to prepare pickles. Pickle made from Waigaon Turmeric ts very tasty and nutritious too.

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