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Indian Spices

GI TAGGED is an Indian Producer/Manufacturer/Retailer/Wholesaler of India Spices conferred with prestigious GI Tagged Status by Government of India under Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act 1999.

We Offer:
Pre-procurement Checks:
Best Standards:
Authentic From its Very Origin
Graded & Processed at GI TAGGED Agro Plant of International Standards
100% Genuine & Zero Adulteration

Malabar Black Pepper

GiTAGGED Malabar Black Pepper​

GiTAGGED Malabar Black Pepper​POWDER

Malabar Black Pepper Processing at GI TAGGED

Guntur Sannam Chilli

GiTAGGED Guntur Sannam Chilli​ WHOLE

GiTAGGED Guntur Sannam Chilli POWDER

Chilli Processing at GI TAGGED

Byadgi Chilli

GiTAGGED Byadgi Chilli WHOLE


Waigaon Turmeric

GiTAGGED Waigaon Turmeric POWDER


● Owing to our principled trade practices and transparent business module, we have attained a broad customer base which spreads worldwide.

● We always endeavor to provide true and complete information about the products to our prospective customers by providing product images from various angles, its dimensional sizes and complete specifications of the product in terms of material used, its weight, size, etc.

● We sell only authentic and 100% genuine products as specified and depicted.

● Produced by our artists, weavers, and farmers.

● Customized Designing Services available to suit your requirements.

● We can pack your products as per your specifications and requirements as well.

● International Reach.

● Assured on-time delivery.

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