Malabar Pepper

GI Number – 49 & 56


Authentic Malabar Black Pepper is procured from the Malabar Belt, a land known for growing Quality Malabar Black Pepper. 

The Production of Malabar Pepper is a gain to Momentum where the best agricultural practices are adopted in the cultivation of Malabar Pepper, owing to increase in production and quality of the Product. Timely irrigation and disease management has doubled the yield of Malabar Pepper.

We have ensured its Quality by Constant monitoring from Sowing to Harvest. 

 It’s time to Enjoy Healthy, Unadulterated and A+ Quality Malabar Black Pepper.

Malabar or the Western Ghats gave to the World its first Spice equivalent to Gold, the Black Pepper, the reason why the Portuguese sought a Sea route to India and thus began the Adventurous Journey of Indian Spices.

Uniqueness of Malabar Black Pepper

  • Darker peppercorns signifying more Flavorful Taste. 

  • Large Size (5 mm and above).

  • Exquisite peppery heat. 

  • Hot biting taste that releases an Aroma of Pine, Lime & Orange notes.

Interesting Facts of Malabar Black Pepper

  • Pepper is the number one selling spice in America. 

  • Scientific name :- Piper Nigrum

  • Pepper comes in many colors, green, black, red and white but all comes from the same plant, the color is related to how ripe it is and how it has been processed. 

  • In the Middle ages a man’s wealth was measured by his stock pile of pepper.

  • The Romans would even demand pepper as a ransom when besieging a city. 

  • Pepper is native to India and grows as a tall vine with the peppercorns as flowering drupes.

  • It has been used in cooking for over 2000 years! 

Health Benefits of Malabar Black Pepper

  • Stimulates appetite by reducing congestion, provides relief from cough, cold and flu, good for dental health, prevents bacterial infections, helps in weight loss by Stimulating digestive juices.

Malabar Pepper the Geographical Indications (GI) registry of Government of India in 2008.

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