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Ever Wondered! Why, famous Products have a Name of a Village or a City prefixed to them?

welcome to the world of INDIA'S

Geographical Indications

GI TAGGED Concept Origin

Ever Wondered! Why, famous Products have a Name of a Village or a City prefixed to them?

welcome to the world of INDIA'S

Geographical Indications

Geographical Indications India

My Land

My History

My Heritage

My Pride

Connecting India by its Roots #GITAGGED

I am interested in
Chilli is not just "A" Chilli &
Pepper is not just "A" Pepper

GiTAGGED Valuing Human Health

Geographically Indicated specialties

♠ A leaf from Indian History

It was on 20th of May 1498, the Portugal fleet first touched the land of India at Kappakadavu (Kappad), a Beach Town in present Kozhikode district of Kerala, located along the Malabar coast, thus began an epic journey of Indian Spices.





Darjeeling GREEN Tea


Darjeeling BLACK TEA


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The Art


Tree Of Life

Its more than just a Symbol

Period of Origin
7000 b.c.

The Tree of Life has an intricate network of branches symbolizing many aspects of Science, Religion, Folklore, Philosophy, and Mythology dating back to 7000 B.C.

Few important references include Kalpavriksha, the tree of Boon; Bodhi tree, the tree of Enlightenment; In the Garden of Eden, as a source of eternal life; A strength of Ancestry and Fertility in a Family; Harmony, Balance and Prosperity in Life.

Orissa Pattachitra

Flourished with the construction of the famous Jaganath Temple at Puri in 12th century. The Cult of Jagannath used patta painting to spread faith of the God throughout Orissa.

Period of Origin
1174 A.D.


A traditional folk art of visual storytelling accompanied by songs is a unique art from of rural Bengal that dates back to the period of Mohenjo-Daro Civilization.

Period of Origin
801 a.d.


Is a ceremonial folk paintings of ancient Mithila region of Bihar that depicts Nature and Mythological events. It is believed to be in existence since Treta Yuga.

Period of Origin
Treta yuga


The Intricate Art of Shadow Puppets signifies the splendid cultural and traditional history of Andhra Pradesh during the rule of the Great Vijayanagar Empire.

Period of Origin
201 A.D.

Indian Handicrafts

A Legacy journeyed through ages, carefully preserved & handed over to YOU

♠ A leaf from Indian History

The Dhokra craft of Bastar District of Chhattisgarh state, even today follows the same process and technique as that of the famous Dancing Girl sculpture, found in the city of Mohenjo-Daro of Indus Valley Civilization dating 2300–1750 BC, exemplifying the unbroken legacy of the Heritage.

Wall Decor


Decor & Utilities

A Home for your perfect getaway
Why-Geographical Indications

Home Linen

Its a beautiful Day

Kancheepuram Silk Sarees

An exclusive collection

Having an Origin since 3rd Century A.D., An Authentic Kancheepuram Silk Sarees is Characterized by its Superb Texture, Brilliance of Colours, Rich Lustre and Extreme Durability for the Saree is passed on for Generations.

Shop by category

An Exclusive Collection

At GI Jewelry store you don’t just own a Jewelry but a piece of the place itself, for it is the true essence of that region delivered to you in its pristine form.

By Make

“Unveiling the magic of regional fashion”, A premium collection of Geographical Origin Jewelry that reflects centuries of Oriental craftsmanship and Uniqueness.

The VisioN

To create, A Happy Family, A Happy Village & A Strong Rural India, resulting in a vibrant consumer world.

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India has been cultivating spices for thousands of years which are famous all over the world for their rich taste and unique flavor. With different climates in different parts of the country, India produces a variety of spices…. Read More>>

Reasons Why You Should be Considering GI Tagged Indian Spices


Spices are the main ingredient in Indian cooking. If you do not have the essential spices in your kitchen, almost every recipe you aim to cook looks scary and impossible. So, Spices play an essential role in Indian cooking… Read More>>


The journey of heritage

What is the abbreviation of GI ?
GI stands for “Geographical Indications”

What does Geographical Indications Tag indicate?
A geographical area or a Region indicating uniqueness in a Product, which cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world with the exact qualities and specialties.

What are GI Tagged Products?
Products that which obtain unique quality from a specific region due to traditional practices, vegetation, topography and have been in existence for centuries exemplifying the Heritage and Culture of a Region and its people.

For What Type of Products, GI Tagged is Used?
GI Tagged is conferred for Agricultural Products, Handlooms & Textiles, Foodstuffs, Wine and Spirit and Handicrafts.

GI Tag  is Given by Whom?
The Indian Parliament passed Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act in December 1999.
The Act is administered by the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, who is also the Registrar of Geographical Indications.

How many GI Tagged Products are there in the World?
There are around 60,000 GI Tagged Products in the World, to name a few, Champagne from the Champagne region of France, Tequila from the city of Tequila, Mexico, Swiss made Watches, Antep Baklava sweet of Turkey, Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese produced in the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia of Italy.

 To a customer?
A product conferred with GI Tagged status answers all basic fundamental Questions to you, such as, the exact geographical area of the Product’s Origin, Uniqueness attributed from that region, Prescribed Manufacturing or Processing process, Communities involved in the making process, and most importantly ensures Authenticity and Quality negating false Trade practices and Bogus claims.

Note : Period of Origin for each product is noted from Statement of Case of GI Registry Document and also from digital sources .

About us

GiTAGGED® is India’s or perhaps world’s first Company envisioned to Connect all Gi Tagged products of the country by following the mandates as indicated in the GI Registry as per Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act 1999.

We take pride in our efforts to connect people back to their Roots and at the same time we make sincere efforts to provide every National with exceptional quality products without any compromise.  Tejas SJ, CEO


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No Vendor Mechanism

All products are developed or procured from the company’s region specific Strategic Business Units called as GI Panchayats,  a forum of Artisans, Weavers, Producers, and from Region specific Master Artisans, co-operatives, NGO’s, Individuals or companies striving for upliftment of the product, ensuring Accountability, Exclusivity, Quality and Affordability.

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