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Pokkali Rice

GI Number -81


Naturally and Organically Grown in the coastal areas of central Kerala, the Pokkali Rice is called as Clever man’s Rice. A farmer must utilize the naturally available ecological system as fertilizer to cultivate the rice variety.

The Rice-Prawn Culture

Pokkali Rice and Prawn are cultured in the same field. During high salinity the prawn farming takes over which feeds on leftovers of post paddy harvest. The rice crop, which gets no other fertilizer or manure, draws nutrients from the prawn’s excrement and other remnants. “The Pokkali Rice farming and prawn culture are mutually complementary”.


Uniqueness of Pokkali Rice

  • Red Kernel.

  • Medium Bold shaped with good cooking quality.

  • Distinct organoleptic characteristics of taste and flavour.

  • Flood and Saline resistant.

  • Natural organic cultivation.

  • High percentage of protein.

Pokkali Rice Interesting Facts

❖ Pokkali Rice is highly valuable as gene donors in International Rice Improvement Programmes.

❖ The Crop grows to a height up to 1 meter making them naturally flood resistant.

❖ The farming of Pokkali rice does not affect natural ecological process.

❖ The Fishermen Energy Booster -The Nutritious Pokkali rice is believed to be secret energy of the local fishermen, it helps them to stay at the sea all Day.  

Health Benefits of Pokkali Rice

  • Used in preparation of traditional health-care food in Kerala.

  • Good for treating hemorrhoids (Piles).

  • Rice gruel water made from Pokkali Rice is highly recommend for Cholera Patients.

  • Storehouse of Nutrients.

  • Best in terms of Fiber and Protein Content.

  • Low carbohydrate content making it suitable for persons with diabetes.

Pokkali Rice has been registered with the Geographical Indications (GI) registry of Government of India in 2008.

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