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GI Tagged, is a One-Stop Destination to shop Authentic Handcrafted products which have received the prestigious GI Tag Status, an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) given to Unique products possessing special qualities corresponding to a specific geographical region. Our Customers need not travel to a place to own its specialties, for it will be delivered to you in its pristine form, from that very land to your Hand. At GI store you don’t just own a product but a piece of the place itself.

Metal Craft

Bidriware Silver Art

Mysterious black metal craft with silver inlay

Thanjavur Art plate

Silver Artplate encrusted in the background of copper and brass

Bastar Dhokra Art

Craft Made out of Bell metal casting using Bee wax technique

Bastar Iron Craft

The iron craft inspired by the folklife of the tribes of Bastar

Nachiarkoil Brass Lamp

Handcrafted Temple Lamps of South India

Wooden Craft

Bastar Wooden Craft

Chiseled Wooden art from the dense forests of Bastar, Chattisgargh

Channapatna Toys

A perfect fusion of Vibrance, Durability, and Eco-friendliness

Coconut Shell Craft

A Timeless facet of rich cultural heritage of 500 years

Etikoppaka Toys

Natural Organic-Dyed  Wooden Toys & Sculptures

Clay Craft

Villianur Terracotta

Beautifully crafted with triune soil of clay, fine sand and thennal

Jaipur Blue Pottery

Quartz, Glaze, and Glass combine together to form the most beautiful craft of Jaipur

Thanjavur Bommai

Roly-Poly dolls, a perfect measure of Balance with Gravity

Natural Fibre Craft

Mirzapur Dari

Pure Handmade bold coloured, patterns and motifs Dhurries 

Screw Pine Craft

Unique patterns and designs made with twist and turns of palm leaf

Chettinad kottan

The strips of Palm leaves handwoven with a traditional weave pattern

Kathputlis of Rajasthan

Vibrant Colorful Show Puppets made out of Wood, Cloth, Cotton padding.

Leather Craft

AP Leather Puppetry

Patronized by the Rulers of Vijayanagara Kingdom

Manufactured Craft

Kannauj Perfume

Essence Captured from boiling flowers, herbs, spices and even that of soil 

@GITAGGED, all your Handicrafts are handcrafted by the member craftsmen of GI Panchayat of respective regions and comes with • Certificate of Origin and Authenticity • Product Costing Disclosure • Reasonable Pricing • Customization

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