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Leather Puppets Of Andhra Pradesh

Art That Dates To 3Rd Century

Andhra Leather Puppet Making, locally known as Tholu-bommalata, meaning, “The Dance of Leather Puppets”, an Art form of Shadow Play that reached its pinnacle during the rule of Vijayanagara Empire. Originally the Play depicted the tales from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The Craftsmanship

The Intricate process starts with tanning and processing of the goat skin which is then cut into required shapes and sizes. The intended drawing is outlined on the leather by using a pencil or a charcoal. The Craftsman creates a beautiful pattern of etches along the outlines by using chisels of different shapes and sizes. Finally, a skilled artist fills vibrant colors to the artwork and brings the product to life.

Multiple Daytime View

The Leather puppets are truly one of a kind as they have multiple daytime views, I.e.  With Light and Without Light effect. The moment the Light enters these Leather Puppets, the etches gives out a diamond-like sparkle and the illuminating colors makes you wonder whether the puppets have come alive.

Unveiling Possibilities

Today, the Puppetry Craft has become synonymous with Decor Arts, they bring life to the surroundings in the form of wall hangings, wall frames and lamp shades. They have also gained a major attraction in the emerging market of Leather Jewelry.

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