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Indian spices – Story of Adventure, Betrayal, and Glory!

Are we buying Indian spices for the sake of it or have we become so much brand conscious that we have forgotten to ask the fundamental questions, like, the spice that is sold to me, where is it produced? What are its qualities and uniqueness? Does it add flavors naturally or is it induced? Is it pure enough to be used for its medicinal properties?

The Factual: If you feel that you are provided with quality, then why are the companies importing low-quality Vietnam pepper to India? What do you think happens to the waste chili pulp remains after extraction of its oleoresin oil? What do you think happens to Top graded spices? Not anymore: Indian Customers have been deprived of Quality Spices and are forced to choose among Brands and what they sell.

Not anymore… Geographical indications products of India are mandated to function under the law and have standards that are set by the law. @GI Tagged all spices are sold ethically and comes with a Certificate of Geographical Origin & Authenticity and is of the Best Quality that you will taste.