Nagaland’s Bhut Jolokia (Naga Chilli – The Ghost Chilli) – 50gms (30-35 Chilli Pods)

 223 incl. GST

We confirm that you will be tasting one of the worlds Hottest Chili with watering eyes and a runny nose as well as a burning sensation in the mouth that can last up to 5 hrs!.
One Naga Chilli = 110 Guntur Chilies

Naga Chilli Uniqueness

  • Famed as King of Chillies.
  • Highest pungency of >1,00,000 unit.
  • Finely Wrinkled Skin with thin flesh.
  • Fruity Aroma and distinctive Pungency.
  • Adds Exquisite Unique Taste to recipes.
  • Perfect to Create Blends of Chilies and Spices.

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Bhut Jolokia (Naga Chilli – The Ghost Chilli)

Additional information

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Geographical Region

Kohima, Peren, Mon and Dimapur Districts

GI Status Awarded


G.I. No


Interesting Facts

• Guinness World Records – World’s hottest chili pepper, 2007.

• Chili Grenades – Naga Chilli was is used as chili grenades to immobilize terrorists and other criminal suspects.

• Pest Repellent – Ghost Chilli smothered on fences and walls even ward off elephants.

World’s hottest chilies

1. Bhut Jolokia (SHU Max) = 1,041,427

2. Red Savina (SHU Max) = 580,000

3. Scotch Bonnet(SHU Max) = 350,000

Note : SHU is a measure of Pungency (spicy heat) of chili peppers.

Cooking Tips

Naga Chilli is a star ingredient in some of the most sensational preparations of North East India. One Naga Chilli is = 110 Guntur Chillis and imparts exquisite flavours to your dishes.

Note: Naga Chili Exhibits its True pungency when Grounded than when used as Whole”.

Health Benefits

  • It has vitamins which prevents cardiac arrest.
  • Acts as antibiotic.
  • Used as pain killer Insect & pest repellent Anti-venom
  • Ayurveda Formulation
  • Pharmaceutical Preparation
Ghost Chilli, the hottest chili on the earth when consumed in very small quantity instantly clears Blocked Nose and Mucus Membrane in the stomach and in respiratory passages, Stimulate appetite, Helps to clear lungs.
(Note : Since Naga Chilli Sold at GITAGGED is very pure without any Adulteration and of Extremely Good Quality our Customers can use the same for all medicinal purpose in supervision of Experts for Natural Home Therapy).