Kerala’s Alleppey Green Cardamom (Whole) – 50gms

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Native to high ranges of Western Ghats of Kerala, Alleppey Green Cardamom is one of the Oldest and most popular variety of Cardamom mainly sought for its unique taste and intense aroma.

Alleppey Cardamom Uniqueness

  • Has a history as old as human civilization.
  • High amount of Eucalyptol, an essential Oil.
  • Rich Green colour.
  • Exquisite Aroma and Unique Taste.
  • Superior Quality.
  • Most demanded Indian cardamom grade.

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3 reviews for Kerala’s Alleppey Green Cardamom (Whole) – 50gms

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    K G Sathyanarayana
    Very good shape when we received , very unique quality, pl continue
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    K G Sathyanarayana
    Very good packing, very unique quality, pl continue
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Alleppey Green Cardamom (Green Elaichi)

Additional information

Geographical Region

Alleppey, Kerala, India

GI Status Awarded


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Health Benefits

Cardamom also finds application in the indigenous system of medicine. In Ayurveda and Sidha systems, cardamom finds application as a component of several therapeutic formulations.

  • Charaka Samhita denotes it as an antidote for food poisoning.
  • Low in fat content and rich in proteins.
  • Chewing of Cardamom seeds prevents bad smell of mouth, indigestion and even pyrosis.
  • A daily gargle of cardamom water protects the body from flu infections.
  • Effective against many dermatological disorders.
  • Eladigana- is a cure to vata (arthritis) and kapha (congestion).
  • The terpenoid constituents of cardamom transform it into an effective anti-fungal medication.
  • Consuming a cardamom capsule daily with a tablespoon of honey improves eyesight, strengthens the nervous system and keeps one healthy.
  • It is used as an ingredient in over 34 medical preparations like Brahmi Rasayana, the one used for treating inflammations.
  • Enhances oxidation and detoxification of xenobiotics, the anti- inflammatory activities and immuno-biological defense mechanisms of the human body.
  • It checks nausea, vomiting and is reported to be a cardiac stimulant.
  • Cardamom is also used as an ingredient in preparations used for the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, hemorrhoids, cardiac disorders, dyspepsia, and gastropathy, vatha and for many other diseases.
  • Cardamom is used in mouth-fresheners, health drinks – because it helps burn fat.
  • It is used in medicines that help reduce acidity and stomach-ache.
  • It is also used for the treatment of depression, mouth ulcers, and digestive problems.
  • Cardamom also has a carminative effect that helps release unwanted gas from the body.

Interesting Facts

Cardamom is very popular as a spice and a food additive because of its delicious flavor. It is an indispensable substance in culinary use.

  • Alleppey Green Cardamom is one of the Oldest variety of Cardamom, which has a history as old as human civilization.
  • In the Middle East, drinking cardamom-infused coffee is a ritual.
  • In Arab countries it is an inevitable ingredient in tea preparation. There even exists folklore that coffee with cardamom is a symbol of hospitality and prestige.
  • After saffron and vanilla, cardamom is perfumery’s third most expensive spice.
  • Cardamom in 176 AD was on of the Indian Spices liable to Tax at Alexandria.
  • From coffee to colognes, cardamom is the most favored fragrance note in the world.
  • Cardamom is the spice responsible for the unique and exotic flavor of the World-famous Bedouin coffee.