GiTAGGED Waigaon Turmeric (Powder) – 100gms


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Turmeric with high curcumin content of 6%

Grown Organically

Authentic from its very origin

Rich in Medicinal Benefits

Product Uniqueness

  • High Curcumin content of 6% (other turmeric varieties 2-4%).
  • Dark Mustard yellow color.
  • Very Soft Textured Powder.
  • Rich Oil content.

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GI Tagged Waigaon Turmeric Powder

– Authentic from its very origin.
– Grown Organically.
– Rich in Medicinal Benefits since no chemicals and pesticides are used.
– The texture of this turmeric powder is very soft.
– The aroma of this turmeric is very pungent.
– Has 6.12% Curcumin content.
– Very little quantity of powder is sufficient for increasing the color of food items.
– The durability of Waigaon turmeric powder is more.
– Packaging: 3-Layer pouch with 1year shelf life from the date of packaging.

Why GI Tagged Waigaon Turmeric Powder?
– Processed at the GI Estate of International Standards.
– In accordance with the prescribed mandates of GI Act 1999 of Government of India, ensuring Authenticity, and adhering to the prescribed processing process.
– No Middleman.
– No Vendors.

To know more about Waigaon Turmeric, Click Here

Note: Since the Turmeric Powder Sold at GI TAGGED is very pure without any Adulteration and of Extremely Good Quality our Customers can use the same for all medicinal purpose in the supervision of Experts for Natural Home Therapy.

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93 reviews for GiTAGGED Waigaon Turmeric (Powder) – 100gms

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    Abhineeth Mohan
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    Abhinay J
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    Abhinav T
    Turmeric is part of our day to day life and this one is best in authenticity
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    Quantity and quality is good and arrived in a hygienic condition
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    Good for medicinal purposes.
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    Abhilasha Raj
    Finely pulverized turmeric powder, feels genuine.
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Additional information



Geographical Region

Waigaon Village, Maharastra

GI Status Awarded

2016 – 2017

G.I. No


Health Benefits

  1. Cancer Treatment: Curcumine content is high in Waigaon Turmeric. Turmeric extracts and Curcumine have been found to be cancer preventing compounds in different tumor models as well as in limited human studies. Curcumine Capsule is used as a dietary supplement in treatment of cancer and other diseases.
  2. HIV Treatment: Turmeric was also studied as a potential antiviral agent against Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Antioxidant properties of Waigaon Turmeric could delay the progression of HIV. In the recent studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in Bangalore, scientists fed curcumine to HlV-infected cells in the laboratory, the virus stopped replicating. Curcumine could be used to help formulate a combination of drugs to treat HIV infection. Curcumine stops an enzyme called p300 from performing its normal role of controlling the activity of human genes. Because HIV integrates itself into human genetic material, when p300 stops working, the virus can no longer multiply.
  3. Treatment in Neurological Diseases: Turmeric is also helpful in treating and preventing neurological diseases like Alzheimer. Curcumine inhibits the accumulation of destructive beta amyloid in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Curcumine is more effective in inhibiting formation of the protein fragments than many other drugs being tested to treat Alzheimer’s.
  4. Use to cure Arthritis: Turmeric is used in traditional medicine to treat arthritis.
  5. Turmeric powder is used to cure cough and cold.
    Skin Diseases: It purifies and nourishes the blood and skin so that the glow of health is not attenuated by blemishes and impurities but rather amplified through clarity. Generally, Turmeric is used as Ubtan (paste) with chick-pea flour, sesame or almond oil, a little fresh cream and honey to clear the patches on skin and increase the natural glow. Turmeric is bitter and anti inflammatory, it is used for skin diseases, especially wet eczema.
    Healing Wounds: Turmeric essential oil works as an external antibiotic to prevent infections in wounds. A nice formula for wound healing is a mixture of olive oil, beeswax tea tree oil, aloe, turmeric, arnica, slippery elm, red clover thyme oil and vitamin E.

(Note: Since Waigaon Turmeric Sold at GI TAGGED is very pure without any Adulteration and of Extremely Good Quality our Customers can use the same for all medicinal purpose in the supervision of Experts for Natural Home Therapy).


  1. The Waigaon variety matures in just 180 days, earlier than other varieties.
  2. The high Curcumine content is the key ingredient that lends Waigaon Turmeric its distinctive yellowness. The higher its percentage, the deeper is the yellow color. Waigaon Turmeric has 6.12% curcumine content..
  3. Waigaon Turmeric had a special standing for its aroma and the curcumine content.
  4. It is completely organic farming. The Quality of Waigaon Turmeric and its medicinal value is maintained due to organic farming since no chemicals and pesticides are used.
  5. Very less quantity of powder is sufficient for increasing the color of food items.Durability of turmeric powder is more.