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Registering My Account

Is it mandatory to register my details to buy online?
No. In order to place an order in our website, you may checkout as a Guest, however, you will have to provide certain details such as your Name, Phone number, Email id and address for the order placement.

Payment & Shipping

From which all locations can I place an order?
You can place an order from any country, state, city, village or any remotest location, provided you have mobile connectivity and basic logistics.

Product Customization

Can I get the products customized as per my request?
Yes, most of the Handicraft products can be customized as per your request, provided the design is realizable.
How can I place Customization request?
Customers interested in customized product can mail us at [email protected] along with detailed description of the intended customization and we will get back to you on the same

Reselling, Return & Refund


Who can resell our Products?
Only Members registered under Rural Income Generation Scheme (RIGS) can resell our Agricultural products, as per the rates specified under the scheme. Refer, RIGS for more information.

Return & Refund

Under what circumstances, can I return a product?
Product can be returned if you are not satisfied, received as damaged or if it is not as shown in the website.

FAQs related to Geographical Indications

What is an Intellectual Property (IP)?
Intellectual properties are those that arises out of human mind. It includes inventions, literary, artistic and dramatic works, symbols, names, images, logos, designs used in commerce etc.
Where do one apply for a Geographical Indication Status?
The application has to be filed to the Registrar of Geographical Indications at Chennai.