Malabar Black Pepper (Powder) – 100gms


Hot biting taste with Exquisite peppery heat

Processed Without Stalk

Authentic from its very origin

No Extraction of Essential oils

Product Uniqueness

  • Darker peppercorns signifying more Flavorful Taste
  • Large Size (5mm and above)
  • Exquisite peppery heat
  • Hot biting taste that releases an Aroma of Pine, Lime & Orange notes 

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82 reviews for Malabar Black Pepper (Powder) – 100gms

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    Naveen T
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    Neha Singh
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    Sam Samuel
    Very good taste n smells really good..big thumbs up
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    Natasha S
    Amazing aroma and strong flavor....authentic natural pepper.
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    Value for money too.
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    Nikita Nair
    Taste is really very original..
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GI Tagged Malabar Black Pepper

Spice has been Kerala’s lifeblood for millennia, and the crop that has drawn traders from all over the world is Pepper. “Malabar Pepper” is an indigenous spice of the Malabar Region in the state of Kerala. The pepper has a special quality based upon the unique aggro-climatic condition of the said geographical indication. The applicant is a Commodity Board under theMinistry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, to monitor and develop the Indian spice trade and to regulate and encourage the export of authentic quality pepper from India. It is a certifying authority for the indigenous, quality pepper from various producers. The said geographical indication identifies and indicates the pepper produced in the Malabar Region of Kerala State.





Additional information

Period of Origin

2000 – 3000 BC


Erst while Madras Presidency (Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka)

Geographical Region

Western Ghats

GI Status Awarded

2007 – 2008

G.I. No


Health Benefits

  1. Sanskrit authors describe black pepper as acrid, pungent, hot dry, carminative, and useful in intermittent fever, hemorrhoids, and dyspepsia.
  2. In modern Indian medicine, pepper is employed as an aromatic stimulant in cholera, weakness following fevers, vertigo, and as a stomachache in dyspepsia and flatulence.
  3. Its action as a stimulant is specially evident on the mucous membrane of the rectum, and so is good for constipation, also on the urinary organs, externally it is a rubefacient useful in relaxed conditions of the rectum when prolapsed; sometimes used in place of cubebs for gonorrhoea; given in combination given in combination with aperients to facilitate their action, and to prevent griping.
  4. As a gargle it is valued for relaxing uvula, paralysis of the tongue.
  5. On account of its stimulant action it aids digestion and is specially useful in atonic dispepsia and torbid condition of the stomach.
  6. It will correct flatulence and nausea.
  7. It has also been used in vertigo, paralytic, and arthritic disorders.
  8. It is sometimes added to quinine when the stomach will not respond to quinine alone.
  9. It has also been advised in diarrhoea, cholera, scarlatina, and in solution for a wash for tinea capititis.

(Note: Since Pepper Sold at GI TAGGED is very pure without any Adulteration and of Extremely Good Quality our Customers can use the same for all medicinal purpose in the supervision of Experts for Natural Home Therapy).


  1. Pepper has a sharp, hot, and biting taste. It is a warming spice.
  2. It is one of the oldest and most important spices in the world. So important that in ancient times it was used to pay taxes.
  3. India has always reigned supreme in the production of this most exotic and sought after spice.
  4. The Malabar Pepper of Kerala provides a quarter of the world’s supply of Pepper. Malabar Pepper is highly aromatic, with a distinctive, fruity bouquet.
  5. Tellicherry Pepper from Malabar region is considered the most complex, balanced, and elegant of the black peppers.
  6. It is actually a special type of pepper which has been allowed to ripen completely so that it develops more flavor, sugar, and size. Its aroma is sweet and spicy. Its flavor is rich and bold.
  7. Malabar Black Pepper has a perfect combination of flavor and aroma.

Cooking Tips

Malabar Black Pepper Exhibits Strong properties to correct the seasoning of dishes when added at the end of Cooking and is Best Suited for Spicy Non-Veg Dish and for Seafood preparation.