GiTAGGED® Madhubani Painting Peacock & Fish (34*26) Inches

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On occasion of Sita’s marriage with Lord Rama the entire city of Mithila was decorated with Madhubani paintings an illustration of courage, destiny & Celebrations.

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SynonymMithila Painting
TraditionNon rubbing or redoing
  • Length – 34 Inches
  • Height – 26 Inches

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Madhubani Painting

Is a ceremonial folk paintings of ancient Mithila region of Bihar that depicts Nature and Mythological events. Mithila painting is never purely decorative but is considered as a wealth of blessing and protection against destructive evil forces and from the anger of Gods.

Practiced by different sects of people, the paintings were Originally categorized into five different styles, such as Tantrik, Kohbar, Bharni, Godna, Katchni.

Historical Illustration
On occasion of Sita’s marriage with Lord Rama, the entire city of Mithila was decorated with Madhubani paintings an illustration of courage, destiny & Celebrations.

Raw Materials
Canvas : Has no specific dimension and is painted on walls, floors, cloths and paper.
Colours : Natural colours extracted from flowers, leaves, fruits, roots.

Characterized by complex geometrical patterns, Madhubani Paintings are drawn in accordance with a fixed theme and accordingly symbols, lines, patterns are drawn. For instance, the symbol fish stands for fertility, good luck and procreation whereas peacocks usually indicate love, religion and romance, serpents stand for divine protectors.

The painters never rub off the wrong or crooked strokes and redo them, because they believe that redoing a picture is inauspicious.

Additional information

Period of Origin

Treta yuga (Rama's period)

Country of Origin


Geographical Region

Mithila, Bihar.

GI Application No.


GI Status Awarded


GI Product of India


Painted By

Shri Poonam Kumari, Chief Artisan, GI Panchayat Mithila.