GiTAGGED® Uttarakhand Tej Patta Bay Leaf (Whole & Powder) 100gm

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A True Miracle of Nature
Himalayan bay leaf is grown in the wild at an altitude of 500m to 2400m and is blessed with Amazing Flavour, Incredible Health benefits and Medicinal properties. The innumerable benefits & uses of a Bay leaf has made it a true miracle of nature.


  • Large & Broad leaves.
  • Sweetish, Sharp and Spicy taste.
  • Clove like Taste and a faintly Pepper like odour.
  • Rich Aroma & Deep Flavour.
  • Source of Minerals and Vitamins.
  • Organic By Default.
  • Good Shelf Life

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Uttarakhand Tej Patta Bay Leaf

Uttarakhand Tej patta Bay leaf is found in the Wild Lush Green Himalayan Valleys of Uttarakhand at an altitude of 500m to 2400m. The Organic Bay leaf grown in this region is blessed with Amazing Flavour, Medicinal properties & Health benefits. The innumerable Health benefits & uses of Bay leaves has made it a true miracle of nature. GiTAGGED brings to its customers organic Bay leaf online or Tej pat online from the Himalayan Valleys of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand Tej pat Bayleaf is known for

  • Large & Broad Indian BayLeaf .
  • High Content of Cinnamaldehyde Essential Oil.
  • Clove like taste and a faintly pepper like odour.
  • Sweetish, Sharp and Spicy taste.
  • Source of Minerals and Vitamins.
  • Organic By Default.
  • Long shelf life of Whole Dry Bay Leaves.

Uses of  Indian Bay Leaf

Flavouring Agent, Incense Rolls, Add in Beverages for Cough & Cold, essential ingredient of Garam masala and in cupboard for Freshness

Why Uttarakhand Products are Special?

1. Most of the farming activities in the Himalayan Valleys of Uttarakhand are done manually. The High Altitude, Slopes, Uneven Land surface makes the use of Machine to bare minimum. Hence for generations the people of the region employ traditional Methods of Cultivation.

2. Nested in the Pristine Himalayan Region, the Produce of Uttarakhand comes naturally packed with Nutrients, Superior Quality, limited Human intervention.

3. During our visit to the remotest villages of Uttarakhand : We saw many women in their 80’s, climb the hilly slopes with ease, while we struggled. Their Health and Strength is attributed to the magical Cereals and Pulses of the region.

When it comes to health, ALWAYS Choose Gi Tagged Products, Gi Tag not just assures but Ensures Authentic Healthy Groceries.


NOTE: Uttarakhand Tej patta Bayleaf has been conferred with prestigious  Geographical Indication (GI) Status in 2016 as 267th GI Tagged Product of India. (For Bulk inquiries, mail us at [email protected] )

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