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The Art


Inspired by the art work at Ajanta & Badami Caves, crystallized by the artist of Vijayanagar Empire, acquired a unique Character in Mysore under the Patronage of Krishna Raja Wadiyar III (1794-1868 A.D.).

Ganjifa are small masterpieces of Miniature Art, ‘Ganj’ meaning ‘Treasure’ & ‘Jifa’ meaning ‘Playing’. Ganjifa are Indian Playing cards & Tarot cards. There are endless possibilities in the game based on the local folk

The Science of Mandalas : Aipan is a traditional ritualistic art, specifically made by women of Kumaon Region, Uttarakhand. Aipan design is like a yantra to symbolize & please the deity.

Castor Oil is boiled for more than 12 hours periodically & is mixed with cold water until it thickens into a sticky golden-brown substance called Rogan. Rogan is finally mixed with Rich, Bright, Natural colours & is held onto the Palm & is twisted across the Cloth using Kalam.

Dedicated to Pithrodev, nephew of Lord Indra, the art form is said to have originated 3000 years ago and is believed by the Rathwa Tribe that the painting brings Peace and Prosperity to the home. The motifs in the Pithora painting represents the mythology of the community.

Flourished with the construction of the famous Jaganath Temple at Puri in 12th century. The Cult of Jagannath used patta painting to spread faith of the God throughout Orissa and is a living art having its roots to the ancient period of Mohenjo-Daro Civilization. 

The art goes back to the time when there was no Pen or Paper & people recorded everything on palm leaves.  The Art work is normally passed on to next generations.

A traditional folk art of visual storytelling accompanied by songs is a unique art from of rural Bengal that dates back to the period of Mohenjo-Daro Civilization.

Is a ceremonial folk paintings of ancient Mithila region of Bihar that depicts Nature and Mythological events. It is believed to be in existence since Treta Yuga.

The Intricate Art of Shadow Puppets signifies the splendid cultural and traditional history of Andhra Pradesh during the rule of the Great Vijayanagar Empire.

Originally a medium of Entertainment & Education, the Cheriyal paintings were used by the Storytellers to narrate the Episodes of Indian Epics and the folk culture of the Region.

The Tree of Life has an intricate network of branches symbolizing many aspects of Science, Religion, Folklore, Philosophy, and Mythology dating back to 7000 B.C.