Byadgi Chilli (Whole) – 200gms


Mild pungency & Heat, Adds Exquisite Aroma and Unique Taste

Processed Without Stalk

Authentic from its very origin

Hand Picked

Product Uniqueness

  • Adds deep Red colour Naturally to Your Recipes.
  • Known for Mild pungency and Heat.
  • Exquisite Aroma and Unique Taste.
  • Thick skin best suited for Sambar / Curries as Whole Chilli.

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84 reviews for Byadgi Chilli (Whole) – 200gms

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    Ishita J
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    Tanvi V
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    Amit D
    I have been using the spice and I must tell you the quality is very good. The red chilli is a delight to the mouth
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    divya Sree
    Authentic Byadgi Chillies, having Awesome flavour and Aroma
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    Aditya Mohan
    Great color, rich aroma, distinctive flavor.
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    Priyanka K
    Excellent, fresh stock
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GI Tagged Byadgi Chilli

Byadgi Chilli is a famous variety of chilli mainly grown in Karnataka. Named after the town Byadgi which is located in the Haveri district of Karnataka, this chilli is known for its deep red color and got the highest color value. It is not very pungent and is used in many food preparations in India. This chilli is characterized by wrinkles on the pods, low pungency and sweet flavor.

There are several types of Byadgi chilli. The two main types are The Byadgi Kaddi and Byadgi Dabbi.





Additional information



Geographical Region

Dharwad, Haveri and Gadag Districts

GI Status Awarded

2010 – 2011

G.I. No


Health Benefits

Byadgi Chilli is Known to stimulate appetite, Helps to clear lungs and are a Rich Source of Vitamins carotene (pro-vitamin A), C & E.


(Note: Since Byadgi Chilli Sold at GI TAGGED is very pure without any Adulteration and of Extremely Good Quality our Customers can use the same for all medicinal purpose in the supervision of Experts for Natural Home Therapy).

Interesting Facts

  1. Chillies are Called as Fruits of genus Capsicum.
  2. Chillies have been a part of human diet since 7500 BC.
  3. There are over 400 varieties of Chillies in the world.
  4. India is world’s largest producer, consumer & exporter of chillies.
  5. Christopher Columbus was the 1st Europeans to encounter Chili & called them Peppers.

Byadgi Chilli in your Nail-polish and Lipstick!

Did you Know? The most of the Premium Cosmetic Brands use oil (Oleoresin) extracted from the pods of Byadgi Chilli for preparation of nail polish and lipstick of Red variants and is in huge demand in International cosmetic Industry.


  1. Bydagi chilli have got the highest color values of 150000 to 250000 CU and red in
    color (156.9 ASTA color units) and negligible (0.03%) in capsaicin.
  2. Fruits stand out by their deep red color on maturity and wrinkles on the surface.
  3. Fruits are 12-15 cm long and thin but not too pungent and not spicy.
  4. The plant grows to a height of 1m. with a spread of 1m. Leaves are thin and light green in color.

Cooking Tips

Best Suited for Mild Spicy Recipes of Indian, Chinese, European & Italian cuisines and for Non-Veg curries to impart a tempting colouration. Byadagi when Mixed with Guntur Chilli enhances Spicy heat and imparts Colour to your Recipes.