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The Renaissance

In 19th Century, our culture & civilization was taking heavy beating. Archeologist like John Marshall, Alexander Cunningham who were credited with rediscovery of Ancient cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro drew the attention of the World about the rich cultural Heritage of India which had been buried for long, thus breaking the myth of Superiority of Europeans over Indians.

The Radical Nationalists referred to Indian Art, Heritage, Literature and culture to Awaken the masses, to Unite the masses, to inculcate Pride of India’s Ancient Glory. Thus, began an important role in nurturing, shaping and molding the Nationalist spirit in young Indian’s, eventually becoming a war cry.


Moradabad Brass Craft

Moradabad Brass Craft

Period of Origin -1701

Excellent Craftsmanship, Immense knowledge on Metal Characteristics, Best Practices and International acceptable standards have made the Moradabad Brass handicrafts of International Repute.

The Ram Ganga River sand used in Casting process is of extremely fine Quality, attributing to Perfection and Elegance of the Craft.

Thanjavur Art

Period of Origin 1771 a.d.

Art plate is a coordinated effort of 3 Experts, 1) Preparation of Brass plate by a Metal worker, 2)Embossing Motifs on Copper & Silver by Jewel maker, 3) Encrusting sheet onto the brass plate by a Diamond setter.

Bidri Craft

Period of Origin 1422 a.d.

The Soil found at Bidar fort exhibits magical oxidizing properties. The base metal Zinc when dipped in the soil, it turns into sheer blackware, while pure Silver Inlay retains its Original Colour.

Bastar Dhokra

Indus Valley civilization

A craft form of Harappa & Mohenjodaro Civilizations, the Bastar Dhokra is made of 16 intricate steps, without making use of any moulds, thereby each product being a master piece in itself.

Bastar Iron

Period of Origin 1821 A.D.

Iron Craft of Bastar by the Gond and nomadic Maria community, resembles classic Egyptian Style. The evolution of Iron from a hunting tool to Utilities is a narrative best captured in the Iron Craft of Bastar.


Varanasi Jali

Period of Origin
2000 B.C.

The Motifs used in the Bastar wooden craft is very much similar to those found in Indus valley civilization establishing an unbroken lineage of the craft form.

Konark Stone

Period of Origin
501 A.D.

The Iconic Konark Sun Temple at Odisha, one of India’s Cultural and Architectural Wonders, is epitome of intricate sculptures and delicate carvings on stone .

Agates of Cambay

Period of Origin
2000 B.C

The Iconic Konark Sun Temple at Odisha, one of India’s Cultural and Architectural Wonders, is epitome of intricate sculptures and delicate carvings on stone .


Bobbili Veena

Period of Origin 1880 A.D.

Originating in a small Town called Bobbili in Andhra Pradesh in 16th Century, the Bobbili veena has played a great significant role in the evolution of  Carnatic music in our country and is also known as Saraswati Veena.

Made of Seasoned Jack wood, the miniature Bobbili veena is a pinnacle of beauty with inlay work of art running almost the entire length with a lion face at the end of the dandi. The perfect placement of Knobs, the bridges and the strings actualizes the musical Instrument.

Bastar Wooden

Period of Origin
901 A.D.

The Motifs used in the Bastar wooden craft is very much similar to those found in Indus valley civilization establishing an unbroken lineage of the craft form.

Etikoppaka Toys

Period of Origin
1701 A.D.

Etikoppaka, a small village located on the banks of river Varaha of Andhra Pradesh is known for making splendid lacquer toys using natural & Organic Colored dyes.

Mysore Rose Wood Inalay

Period of Origin
1701 a.d

The flat surface of the Rosewood is scooped in required designs and natural wood of different colours and acrylic sheets is inlaid in the hollow spaces to form beautiful pictures.

Channapatna Toys

Period of Origin
1779 A.D.

Tippu Sultan, then king of Mysore spellbound by the gifted lacquerware Wooden Toy from Persia, invited the Persian artisans to train the locals of Mysore Presidency in the Craft


Thanjavur Bommai

Period of Origin
1643 A.D. (Prior)

The Roly Poly doll of Thanjavur is a perfect measure of balance with gravity, the repulsive nature of magnetic fields allows the dolls to stand back with no strings or springs attached.

Did you know, Even before Isaac Newton discovered gravity, the Artisans of Thanjavur developed these Raja-Rani Dolls using the science of gravity

Purulia Chau Mask

Period of Origin
1871 A.D.

The tribal mask associated with the age-old dance form called as Chhau of Purulia region of West Bengal are acclaimed for their craftsmanship.

Firozabad Glass

Period of Origin
800 B.C

Glassware handicrafts are Made using unique mouth blown technique, a rare form of blowing air through a glass pipe to provide shape, reflecting perfect craftsmanship.

Tirakanur Paper Mache

Period of Origin
18th century

Tirukanur Papier Mache craft is a Critical art of Design Visualization. Profound Detailing, Eloborate Decorations, Play of Vivid Colour are hall mark of the craft.

Khurja Pottery

Period of Origin
14th Century

Having an History of over 600 years, Khurja Pottery reflects time tested Craftsmanship of Turing simple Clay stones into finest and most elegant Pottery ware.

Indian Crafts - Traditional Crafts of India

India is a country that is well-known for its diversity in culture and heritage, language and customs, religions and festivals, etc. When it comes to culture and traditions, each part of India is known for its uniqueness. People in India vary from food habits to dress to language and tradition and yet they are bonded together very strongly. Indian Crafts are very famous worldwide and are loved by people all around the globe. Art and Craft of India had its roots from the early civilization and is not of present origin.

The crafts of India come in several varieties; rich in history, culture, and religion. The crafts of different states of India represent the influence of various empires. Over centuries, crafts have been an integral part as a culture and tradition within rural communities. India’s Art and Craftwork also have one of the reasons to attract tourism.

Types of GI Tagged Indian Crafts

India is a manufacturing hub of various handicrafts, which are popular even in international markets. The most known Types of Indian Crafts are as below:

1. Brass Handicrafts   2.Clay Handicrafts or Pottery  3. Dhokra Handicraft  4. Jute Handicrafts  5. Wood Handicrafts  6. Metal Handicrafts  7. Weaving or Embroidery Handicrafts

Indian Tribal Art

Indian Tribal Art has great potential in the international market due to its traditional artistic sensibility and authenticity. It varies from a wide array of art forms, such as tribal dances, tribal music, wall paintings, and many more. The rural folk paintings of India carry unique colorful designs, which are treated with religious and divine motifs. Madhubani Paintings of Bihar is one of the most famous folk paintings of India. Indian Tribal Art is however not restricted only to paintings, but also extends to other art forms such as pottery, home decorations, jewelry, clothes, etc. Also, the pottery of some of the regions of India are pretty popular among foreign tourists due to their ethnic and traditional beauty.  

Traditional Crafts of India

Here is the list of 20 Amazing Traditional Crafts of India that represents India worldwide and also very popular among the common people of India or use in traditional customs or everyday lives. Each of them is famous for its uniqueness as well as their places of origin.

Handicrafts of Indian States

Indian states reflect the diverse history and religion, The Handicrafts of Indian States reflects the different culture and tradition. The Indian Culture Handicrafts, traditional ancient handicraft styles, Metal Crafts, Wood Crafts, and Paintings are recognized by Geographical Indications of India. The Indian artisans of the different states portray their culture and tradition through handicrafts.

Here is the list of Handicrafts of Different States of India:

Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts

Andhra Pradesh has acquired huge reputation and significance in the past years for its extraordinary contribution in the field of music, dance, drama, and Handicrafts. Talking about Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts, the artisans still make these extraordinary handicrafts with proficiency. Whether it is needlecraft or bronze castings, metal craft or stone craft, Andhra Pradesh has a diverse range of handicrafts that can become a part of your lifestyle. The dignity of these handicrafts comprises of their traditional method of creation. These handicrafts are loved and admired not only by Indians, but also by the people from across the world. Below are the famous handicrafts of Andhra Pradesh.

Chhattisgarh Handicrafts

The astonishing varieties of Chhattisgarh Handicrafts are all the rage for its complex work. These handicrafts of Chhattisgarh are an essential part of the lives of many people and are also connected with the accessibility of wealth in the state. Chhattisgarh’s people use the reserves of natural resources to the most beneficial possibility. Chhattisgarh is well-known for its metal crafts, paintings, and jewelry. The people of Chhattisgarh have demonstrated their proficiency in the production of these wonderful craft items. Incredible wood carvings, bamboo work, bell metal handicraft, tribal jewelry, figures of terracotta, clay pieces, and paintings are several specialties of Chhattisgarh.

Gujarat Handicrafts

Gujarat is one of the oldest states in India which represents Indian arts and crafts at its best. Gujarat is one of the states which are truly blessed with a rich culture and tradition. Gujarat Handicrafts are having tremendous importance from aesthetics as well as commercial point of view.

Handicrafts in Hyderabad

Handicraft market in Hyderabad is diversified; from elegant pearl jewelry to silver-embedded bidriware and wooden carvings of Hindu gods and goddesses, which abound in a variety of unique exhibits. Some of these artisan crafts are centuries-old and passed down, within families, generation by generation. One can find a huge authentic collection of Handicrafts in Hyderabad

Handicrafts of West Bengal

West Bengal serves as a home to many talented artisans in India. The unique rural and mystic glamour of Bengal crafts is cherished by the art-lovers all over the globe. From embroidery to sculpture and sketching to metal crafts, the state has an extraordinary specialization in many forms of craft. Handicrafts of West Bengal are not only artistically appealing but also Eco-friendly and symbol of local history and culture. 

Karnataka Handicrafts​

Most Art and Crafts of Karnataka are manufactured using traditional approaches, which has proven to be the trademark of excellence in craftwork for Karnataka artisans. The temples and monuments in Karnataka are the living proof of stonework and the perfect skills of the craftsmen in the state. Also, these crafts have been going on for generations. Paintings, ivory carving, sandalwood crafts, Mysore silk, etc., are some of the many fascinating crafts found in Karnataka. Besides, the metalwork of Udupi is also famous for its complex craftwork.

Odisha Handicrafts​

Odisha, one of the states of India, has a rich cultural and artistic heritage. Due to the influence of many different rulers in the past, arts and crafts in Odisha have undergone many changes, giving an artistic diversity today in the form of traditional handicrafts, painting and carving, dance and music, etc. Most of the handicrafts in Odisha include cross-stitch work, brass and bell metal, silver fretwork, and stone carving. Other forms include Lacquer, Papier Mache, tribal combs, handlooms, and wood and traditional stone carving.

Rajasthan Handicrafts​

Rajasthan is well-known as a colorful, vivacious, and cheerful state of vast land and amazing people. Rajasthan is the largest Handicrafts Manufacturer in India. Rajasthan is famous everywhere across the globe for its hand-printed stuff, leatherwork, gems, painting, earthenware, and metal specialty. Rajasthan Handicrafts of distinct varieties include Silver and Kundan Jewelries, Textiles, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones, Paintings, Leather Crafts, Marble Handicrafts, Hand-crafted items like wood, lac, glass, brass, silver, and gold, and much more. Popularly called the ‘Treasure trove of Indian handicrafts’, the state offers a perfect shopping opportunity. The art and craft of the land are marked with a liveliness of color and culture and are held in high appreciation all over the world.

The Arts and Crafts of Gujarat include :

Wood Carving
Stone Work
Brass and Iron Items
Clay Items
Carpets / Daris

The Arts and Crafts of Hyderabad include:

Kalamkari Paintings
Silver filigree
Handmade Toys

The Arts and Crafts of West Bengal include:


Terracotta Craft

Kantha Embroidery

Conch Shell Crafts

Dokra Metal Craft


Bankura Horses

Clay Dolls

Diverse Categories of Handicrafts of Andhra Pradesh are:

Kalamkari and Block Printed Fabrics
Leather Puppets
Wood Carvings
Budithi Brassware
Veena Manufacturing
Bronze Castings
Kondapalli Toys
Lacquer Ware

Diverse Categories of Handicrafts of Chhattisgarh are:

Bell Metal (DHOKRA)
Wrought Iron (LOHA SHILP)
Bamboo Work
Wood Carving

The Arts and Crafts of Gujarat include :

Wood Carving
Stone Work
Brass and Iron Items
Clay Items
Carpets / Daris

Different Categories of Karnataka Handicrafts:

Wood Works
Mysore Silk
Leather lampshade
Metal Ware
Mysore Paintings
Ivory Carving
Stone Carving
Sandalwood Craft
Doll Making
Bidri Crafts

Famous Handicrafts of Rajasthan includes:

Handmade Jewellery
Carpets and Dhurries
Stone Carving
Leather Ware
Metal Crafts

Different Categories of Odisha Handicrafts:

Brass and Bell Metal Ware
Silver Ware And Filigree Work
Terracotta and Pottery
Golden Grass and Cane Works
Applique Works
Horn Works
Sarees and Other Fabrics
Stone and Wood Carvings

Different Categories of Tamilnadu Handicrafts:

Paintings of Tanjore
Musical Instruments
Stone Carving

Kashmir Handicrafts Products Include:

Kashmiri Carpets
Kashmiri Shawls
Wood Carving
Chain Stitch
Basohli Painting
Calico Painting

Kashmir Handicrafts Products Include:

Kashmiri Carpets
Kashmiri Shawls
Wood Carving
Chain Stitch
Basohli Painting
Calico Painting

Tamilnadu Handicrafts​

Tamilnadu Handicrafts showcase the lavish history of Tamil culture and traditions that have developed over the ages. The different crafts of Tamil Nadu add dignity and magnificence to the lifestyles of people in Tamil Nadu and all over the world. The several crafts of Tamil Nadu include Tanjore Paintings, Jewelry, Woodcarving, Pottery, and much more. The traditional adorned paintings, titled “Tanjore Paintings” of Tamil Nadu are the most diverse paintings of the state. These paintings use pure gold foils and semi-precious stones for decoration.

Kashmir Handicrafts​

Jammu and Kashmir are some of the most beautiful places in India. Jammu and Kashmir with its pictorial landscape create some complex and fascinating Kashmiri crafts. The Kashmir Handicrafts include some dynamic hand-made crafts, which represent the cultural significance of the state. The craftsmen of Kashmir have a command over making items like carpets, baskets, wall hangings, shawls, and much more.

Famous Indian Crafts​

India is a country which has one of the richest and striking history, and heritage. The country is famous across for plenty things like Culture, Festivals, Spirituality, Food, etc. But talking about Handicrafts, there are lots of Famous Indian Crafts that have added to the fame of Indian Crafts all over the world. The Indian handicrafts have been admired and respected by everyone and have left everyone amazed.

Here is the list of Famous Arts and Crafts of India:

Indian Paintings​

Indian Paintings are having a prolonged tradition and history in Indian art. Indian Paintings are an illustration of tradition and representation of ancient texts and theories in color and narrative accounts. During ancient times, it was common to have paintings in households in the doorways or indoor rooms.

Examples of Indian Paintings:

Pattachitra Painting , Madhubani Painting, Mysore Painting, Kalamkari Painting, Kolam Painting, Kalam Painting, Mandana Paintings, Indian Folk Painting, etc.

Indian Pottery​

Like all other handicrafts, the tradition of pottery making in India is pretty old. Indian Pottery has an ancient history and is one of the most substantial and symbolic aspects of Indian art. Indian Pottery originated with the Indus Valley Civilization, and the art of shaping and baking potteries are ongoing through the ages. From the past thousands of years, pottery art has been one of the most beautiful forms of expression. Each piece of these Potteries has a visual message in its shape, design, and color.

Brass Handicrafts in India​

Indian Brass Handicrafts are highly appreciated across the globe due to their lavishness and variation. Brass craft items can have two types of finishing. One is highly polished and the other one is antique polished. While highly polished brass handicrafts are bright and shiny, antique polished brass craft items have an old occurrence and are dull. It does not tarnish very easily. Therefore, they are very popular in coastal regions.

Brass Handicrafts in India includes:

Bells, Bowls, Vases, Lanterns, Lampshades, Lamp Stands, Candle Holders, Wall Sconces, Picture Frames, Ashtrays.

Garden accessories like planters and pots.

Statues of Gods and Goddesses, Animals and Birds.

Puja items including Diyas (Lamps), Stands, Thali, and Holders.

Leather Puppets​

Leather Puppets are the trademark of Andhra Pradesh’s art and crafts. This form of craft is inseparably linked to the state’s traditional folk and cultural expression, called “Leather Puppetry”. Mainly, these craft items are made with goat leather and are done traditionally using naturally available material, natural dye colors as well as iron frames.

Jute Art​

Jute fiber tends to transform into awe-inspiring artifacts and handicrafts. Jute is extracted from the fiber of a jute tree that is acquired after elongated soaking in the water, which is a 100% natural and decomposable fiber which makes jute handicrafts Eco-friendly. Jute Art and Crafts, made from jute are fascinating and just perfect to decorate the favorite corner of your home, offices, restaurants, and more. These handmade jute crafts are appealing and available in a wide range of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

Coconut Shell Craft​

The art of making artistic and multipurpose products out of coconut shells and wood is practiced mostly in all parts of India. Coconut shell has always been used as cooking fuel and to make small multipurpose bowls or serving spoons with simple bamboo joining portions. Though, over time and the advancement in tools, people started making various other small decorative and utility items by cutting coconut shells. Coconut Shell Craft includes basic jewelry such as earrings, ear drops, pendants and necklaces, also key rings, bowls, ice cream cups, spoons with a coconut wood handle.

Peacock Craft​

Peacocks symbolize beauty, royalty, and pride. They are magnificent birds which have multicolored stunning tail feathers. You will find a wide array of Metal Peacock Craft in Indian Handicrafts market. It is one of the most common art and crafts of India. You can use it for your home decor or it can be a perfect gift for your dear ones.

Photo Frame Craft​

Even if society is modernized in all possible ways, the traditional styles of decorating homes are still popular. Photo Frame Craft makes any images perfect and it makes an ideal decoration. Capture those special photos in a hand-crafted photo frame. These Photo Frame Crafts are perfect for your home decor or it can be a perfect gift for your dear ones.

Silver Art

Silver is one of the most inexpensive precious metals. Silver is a well-accepted choice for a substantial amount of buyers due to its reasonable price when matching up with gold. Indian silver originally referred to silver made in India from the mid 19th century and was used more for decorative artworks than jewelry, such as bowls, incense holders trays, candle stands, photo frames, craftworks, figurine, statues, jewelry box, silverware, flatware, dinner set, utensils, pots and all.

Handicraft Handbags​

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Kathputlis of Rajasthan, Channapatna Toys of Karnataka, Bastar Wooden Craft of Chhattisgarh, Thanjavur Art plate of Tamilnadu, Villianur Terracotta, Jaipur Blue Pottery, Thanjavur Bommai, Madhubani Paintings, Kannauj Perfume, AP Leather Puppetry, Ghazipur Wall Hangings, all of them will be available right here in Bangalore. The exciting fact about this exhibition is that you can come at any time of the year and enjoy the glory of Indian Art and Crafts at one place.

The exhibition aims at bringing as many handicrafts and handiwork from across the nation to the urban Bangalorean. This will serve not just introducing them to the rich Indian heritage, but also works towards helping many of these rural artisans survive.